Austrian Minister: The UAE is the most important economic partner in the Arab world

Elisabeth Kostinger, Federal Minister of Agriculture and Tourism of the Republic of Austria, confirmed that the United Arab Emirates is the most important economic partner for her country's government in the Arab world, with 400 Austrian companies based in the capital Abu Dhabi and the settlement of nearly 3,500 Austrian citizens in the country.

In statements to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, she said: "The UAE and Austria have always enjoyed strong relations in many different sectors, and our visit comes to strengthen and strengthen this relationship further, as we had the opportunity to meet with many officials and representatives from the tourism sector in the United Arab Emirates, which It sends 120,000 visitors to Austrian lands annually, and we also discussed the future of travel in light of today's challenges, stressing unanimously the need to coexist with Covid 19, which is receding very quickly and promising to permanently eradicate the pandemic.

And regarding her evaluation of the extent of the success of the Expo 2020 Dubai, she said: "The success of the organized Expo 2020 Dubai has shown admirably that it is possible to host a huge global gathering despite the outbreak of the pandemic, noting the extent of the genius of the UAE in organizing this most distinguished version of the Expo, which It was based on sustainability, the future, and the dialogue and communication of minds, by opening the way for more than 190 nationalities to present their countries in different ways and methods, describing "Expo 2020 Dubai" as a gateway to the return of life to normal in the entire world.

The Minister sent a message to the citizens and residents of the country that Austria has opened up again to tourism and is ready to receive all travelers in its beautiful cities and historic towns, which are full of pristine nature and family-friendly activities. Anyone from the Emirates and the Gulf region in general who prefer to travel with their family members can come to Austria, which is famous for its warm hospitality and activities for all age groups, and its hotels and restaurants that cater to the tastes of Arab guests.

In addition, she noted, unique shopping opportunities, excellent infrastructure and stunning nature are all important factors that make many travelers from these regions place Austria at the top of their travel list.

And about the Swiss government’s plan to stimulate tourism, it stated that the resumption of tourism is on the way to return by allowing tourist groups to come again, as many of the restrictions of “Covid 19” have been lifted.

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