Investing in stocks is always a matter of conviction.

If you don't believe there's a good chance a price will go up, you probably won't buy stocks.

So if you want to increase your money or that of other people by investing in shares, you have to be an optimist.

Now optimism is not always justified.

In a bear market environment, optimists are in a tough spot because what is happening goes against their beliefs.

All the worse sometimes for what is happening.

Because it is sometimes not easy to bear that what has worked so well for a long time now suddenly no longer works.

And for an optimist, the idea that the world could have changed for the worse, not only on the stock exchange, is more difficult to accept than for someone who doesn't expect anything better anyway.

The fact that stock investors jump at every spark of hope in the current situation is not surprising and is still sympathetic.

After all, non-stock marketers would also be happy if the war in Ukraine came to a happy end, most of all the Ukrainians themselves. Alone: ​​the world is all too often not like that, and the (stock market) optimists are often enough too next to it, not only with political hopes.

But sometimes they are right - one would definitely wish for that now.

And if a few equity investors make money doing it, let them have it.