In recent years, "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutrality" have become hot topics.

According to reports, some training institutions have launched the "carbon emission manager" certificate training course under the pretext of "double carbon", and they also claim to be "exempt from exams", "guaranteed", "good jobs" and even "linked" to make money.

After paying for registration, some people encountered problems such as false propaganda by training institutions, loss of customer service, and inability to refund.

  The "Carbon Emissions Manager" certificate sounds lofty, coupled with the encouragement of training institutions to "exempt from exams", "covered" and "considerable annual income", some people are easily tempted.

However, "dreams are full and reality is very skinny".

After paying the tuition, either the training institution loses contact, or the trainee fails to get the certificate.

Even if you get the so-called "carbon emission manager" certificate, it is just a piece of paper, and you can't work in carbon emission-related fields at all, and it is even a lie to make money by "affiliation".

  For the "carbon emission manager" certificate, some consumers easily associate it with "accountants" and "architects", believing that they are all professional qualification certificates.

However, in the "National Vocational Qualification Catalogue" (2021 edition) issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, there is no information on "carbon emission managers" in both the professional qualifications for professional and technical personnel and the professional qualifications for skilled personnel.

At present, the "Carbon Emission Manager" certificate issued by some training institutions can only be used as a proof of training hours.

  In recent years, the relevant departments have successively released dozens of new occupations in batches, and some training institutions have taken advantage of the news, using the mentality of some people to carry out various textual research services. The quality of training is uneven, and some Suspected of false propaganda, disrupting the order of the talent training industry and violating the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

In this regard, the majority of workers must keep their eyes open and not be charged IQ tax by the "research fever".

After all, there is nothing in the world that comes for nothing, as long as the training courses that are "exempted from the exam" and "included" are destined to be low in value, there is no need to pay for the tuition fee in vain.

Moreover, the "affiliation" of vocational qualification certificates is not allowed by law, and the relevant departments have been cracking down on "affiliation".

The so-called "no need to work after obtaining a certificate, and rely on the unit to earn money" by training institutions is purely false.

  Therefore, in order to obtain relevant professional qualification certificates, you must go to the country's formal institutions and websites for consultation.

Job seekers should not easily believe all kinds of small pop-up advertisements on the Internet, so as not to fall into the trap of job hunting.

At the same time, relevant departments should investigate and punish illegal training institutions in accordance with the law, stop certain advertisements suspected of false propaganda, purify the industry order from the source, and prevent workers from being deceived.