2022 is the year to link the previous and the next in the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and it is also a key year for the full-scale development of rural revitalization.

The rural revitalization strategy, as the general starting point of the "three rural" work in the new era, an important part of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the outline of the 2035 long-term goals, is not only a fundamental issue related to the national economy and people's livelihood, but also a focal topic concerned by relevant industries and market players.

  During the two sessions this year, rural revitalization has once again become the focus and key point for representatives and members to discuss the country.

How to blaze a path of rural revitalization with socialism with Chinese characteristics, try to solve problems with industrial prosperity, and realize the inherent requirements of ecological livability and the main purpose of affluent life, this issue continues to arouse heated discussions in all sectors of society.

  To consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, stable income is the key.

  Jinzhai County is located at the northern foot of the Dabie Mountains, surrounded by the Yangtze River and Shi River, with green mountains and green waters.

Good mountains and good water are the natural barrier for this red land in Jinzhai County, and it was one of the reasons for poverty here.

  In 2017, Tunghsu Blue Sky, a listed company of Tunghsu Group, officially responded to the national poverty alleviation policy and the poverty alleviation plan of the camellia oil industry in Anhui Province. Combined with local characteristics, in accordance with the "leading enterprises + bases + cooperatives + farmers" interactive innovation development model, here Build a modern camellia industrial park.

  Dongxu Dabieshan Camellia Base has always been adhering to the cultural concept of spreading scientific, ecological and green, developing Camellia planting, realizing profit for cultivators and benefiting local people.

Affected by the epidemic, many companies have shut down production, reduced employment, and decreased employment.

Tunghsu Dabieshan insists on grasping the employment problem of farmers who have been lifted out of poverty, and accurately promotes employment assistance, so that the farmers who have just been lifted out of poverty can stabilize their employment "rice bowls" and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.

  Zhang Zhenzhen, a villager in Dagang Village, Baitafan Town, Jinzhai County, has been working in the Camellia Oil Seedling Base of Dongxu Dabie Mountain since 2017. She was a poor household in the village a few years ago. While working while growing camellia oil, the two annual incomes have exceeded 10,000, and he has successfully escaped poverty.

She said: "Although I have been lifted out of poverty, I will still roll up my sleeves and work hard to make my life more and more prosperous!"

Zhang Zhenzhen, a villager in Dagang Village, Baitafan Town, Jinzhai, Anhui Province

  Li Shouming, a villager in Dagang Village, Baitafan Town, Jinzhai County.

He said: "Life has changed. Since the establishment of the Dongxu Dabieshan Camellia Oil Base, I can work here every year, and the annual income is very good. Without this Camellia Oil Base, I can basically only stay at home."

Li Shouming, a villager in Dagang Village, Baitafan Town, Jinzhai, Anhui Province

  There are many farmers like Zhang Zhenzhen in Jinzhai County, who have tasted the sweetness in the development of the camellia oleifera industry, and the camellia oleifera industry has gradually become a leading industry for local farmers to increase their income.

  From 2017 till now, Tunghsu Dabie Mountain has used planting farms to circulate and support the employment of migrant workers. Its 6,000-mu camellia oil planting base can drive more than 1,000 local farmers to re-employ in their spare time every year, and has paid a total of more than 5 million yuan in poverty alleviation employment wages. Through land transfer, some poor households' financial assistance and other measures help the surrounding farmers to increase their income; at the same time, they drive the surrounding farmers to plant camellia oleifera, provide free technical guidance, and recover tea fruits at better than market prices, helping the local government to create a new model of "Camellia oleifera poverty alleviation" Become an important force for poverty alleviation in Jinzhai, and promote the stable poverty alleviation and continuous increase of income of Jinzhai poor people.

  Efforts will be made to build high-quality and characteristic industrial clusters, and start the "golden signboard" of agricultural products.

  Tunghsu Dabieshan Camellia Industrial Park is a major strategic project invested and constructed by Tunghsu Blue Sky in Jinzhai. It is also a key project supported by Jinzhai County Government and Jinzhai Modern Industrial Park. It is located in the core area of ​​Jinzhai Modern Industrial Park. It was completed and put into operation in the month of June.

  The overall planning of the project is divided into four functional blocks: R&D area, first-phase production area, Camellia oleifera germplasm research center and second-phase production area.

Combining the unique geographical and resource advantages of Jinzhai, a new international first-class and technologically advanced camellia oil deep processing production line and camellia oil industrialization research center will be built. The park covers an area of ​​300 mu. , to achieve an annual output value of more than 500 million yuan, which can drive the quality and efficiency of camellia planting bases in the county.

  After several years of development, Tunghsu Dabie Mountain has become a national under-forest economy and green industry demonstration base focusing on the whole industry chain management from camellia seedlings, planting, processing to sales. Technology enterprise, provincial key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, top 5 woody vegetable oil processing enterprises in Anhui Province, top 10 edible oil and oil processing enterprises in Anhui Province and many other honorary titles in the industry. It is the largest camellia seed specialty in the same industry in China. One of the production enterprises.

  At the opening ceremony of Dongxu Dabieshan camellia pressing held in December 2021, Dong Yile, member of the Standing Committee of the Jinzhai County Party Committee, Secretary of the Working Committee of the Economic Development Zone, and director of the Management Committee, said that the Jinzhai County Party Committee and the county government will continue to support the production and operation of the enterprise, and strive to Provide greater support for enterprise development, and develop Dongxu Dabieshan into the first brand of tea oil in China.

  The achievement of poverty alleviation is not easy to come by.

As early as April 2020, all 39,344 households and 129,789 poor people in 71 impoverished villages in Jinzhai were lifted out of poverty, and the poverty incidence rate was reduced to 0. Jinzhai County dropped out of the poverty-stricken county sequence and achieved high-quality removal.

Today's old revolutionary base, Dabie Mountain, has entered the starting point of a new life and a new struggle.