(Delivery of the Two Sessions) Fake doctors frequently appear on short video platforms, deputies to the National People's Congress call for a heavy blow to "Li Gui"

  China News Service, Beijing, March 10 (Wang Yifei and Qian Chenfei) "If you put on a white coat, hang up a stethoscope, and wear square glasses at will, you will become an experienced doctor and even a director and dean, selling fake medical skills and selling fake medical skills. Medicines." During the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress, Ge Minghua, deputy to the National People's Congress, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Health and Health Commission, and director of the Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, was interviewed by a reporter from China News. question.

It called for a heavy blow to such "Li Gui".

  At present, with the rapid development of the Internet, we-media short video platforms have risen rapidly.

The head platform has hundreds of millions of daily active users.

Swiping videos has also become a habit in many people's lives.

  Ge Minghua said that in recent years, more and more Internet celebrity "fake doctors" have appeared on short video platforms and need to be paid attention.

"For example, some fake doctors use down-to-earth words, such as 'Prickly prickly ash is used well, life is not troubled', 'Garlic mixes well, all diseases will be chased away' 'Ginger plus one thing, disease will make way'' boiled water and clove leaves can kill Helicobacter pylori in the dead stomach, etc., live broadcast and sell goods in the name of popular science or charity."

  In his view, there are more and more "fake doctors", "fake medical skills" and "fake medicines" on short video platforms. The reasons are related to the lack of entry barriers, the difficulty of distinguishing between true and false, and the low cost of illegality.

  Ge Minghua suggested a heavy blow to this phenomenon.

"Relevant departments should increase the crackdown on fake doctors, fake medical skills, and fake drugs on short video platforms. Once discovered, they will immediately urge the platform to seal the account and advertise it through the platform. Double the money earned through deception. times or higher. Those suspected of breaking the law will be handed over to the public security department for handling.”

  In terms of strictly reviewing and cleaning up to ensure the authenticity of propaganda, he suggested that the National Health and Health Commission should organize experts in the industry to review and clean up the propaganda and display content involving medicine, and explicitly stop the propaganda that does not comply with laws and regulations and whose efficacy is false and exaggerated, and the screen must be forced to appear. "This content has not been professionally reviewed and is for reference only" and other words, if necessary, clarify false propaganda and eliminate adverse effects.

The State Administration of Radio and Television needs to strengthen supervision and management, and in accordance with the provisions of the Advertising Law, exaggeration and false propaganda are strictly prohibited.

At the same time, more detailed regulations on removal are introduced to guide platforms to remove illegal videos in a timely manner through self-management and supervision, and take the initiative to report to the competent authorities to reduce the pressure on law enforcement departments.

  On the basis of the above, he believes that the responsibility of the platform should be further implemented to promote public medicine.

We-media short video platforms should establish a system of access certification and publicity for special occupations such as doctors, and strengthen review and supervision.

Strictly distinguish occupational medical care from "health bloggers" and "life bloggers", and disclose necessary information such as professional qualification certificates and professional title certificates on the video page.

Through prompts and other means, inform users to treat medical science content with caution.

  Ge Minghua said that relevant platforms should encourage professional medical workers to spread correct health knowledge and fight back against "fake doctors" with "real doctors".

Guide public hospitals, well-known hospitals, and well-known doctors to open public welfare accounts on short video platforms, help people establish correct medical concepts, and improve their ability to identify "pseudoscience" and "false health care".