Lai Yinghui, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

  Guarantee the reasonable income of grain farmers

  Our reporter Yuan Yong

  The Central Economic Work Conference emphasized that the reasonable income of grain farmers should be guaranteed.

Lai Yinghui, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, a member of the Central Committee of the Agricultural and Workers' Party and the vice chairman of the Fujian Provincial Committee, said that to ensure national food security, it is necessary to increase farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain.

  Committee member Lai Yinghui suggested that, first, centering on the goal of "ensuring drought and flood and improving soil fertility and quality", distinguish the characteristics of cultivated land in the south and the north, plains and mountainous areas, formulate different input standards, carry out high-standard farmland construction, and provide farmers with better quality grains of cultivated land, and practically realize the cultivation of food on high-standard farmland, ensuring yields under drought and flood, pollution-free and higher yield.

  The second is to further increase the agricultural production social service subsidy for grain growers, increase the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy for a certain scale of family farms and cooperatives, and reduce the production and operation taxes or subsidies of petrochemical and pesticide and fertilizer enterprises. The terminal selling price of gasoline and diesel will reduce the direct cost of growing grain.

  The third is to increase investment in agricultural science and technology, and innovate good seeds and good methods.

Set up a special science and technology project for the selection and breeding of new varieties of grain crops, and give preference to young genetic and breeding scientific and technological personnel, adopt preferential policies, encourage and support agricultural technicians to invest in the main battlefield of agricultural scientific and technological innovation of various ownerships, select and breed new high-yield and high-quality grain varieties, and research and develop farming and production. new method.

  Fourth, through actions such as improving green storage, variety and quality brands, and saving and reducing losses.

Improve the inherent quality, market brand and consumer price of good grain and oil.