The courses of many cryptocurrencies rose on Wednesday, some significantly.

Bitcoin, the oldest and largest digital asset by market value, rose by around 8 percent to around $42,000 in the morning.

The price of Ether, number two, rose similarly significantly to $2750.

All currently around 18,000 crypto values ​​are valued by the internet portal Coinmarketcap at around 1.8 trillion dollars.

Observers explained the recovery primarily with the less gloomy mood on the financial markets.

"As risk aversion on the markets wanes, crypto assets such as Bitcoin are also in demand again," commented expert Timo Emden from Emden Research.

Since digital currencies are among the most risky assets, they often fluctuate with general market sentiment.

This was recently badly affected by the war in Ukraine.

Accordingly, the annual balance sheet of many crypto assets has so far been negative.

Bitcoin has lost almost 10 percent of its value since the beginning of the year.

The ether price has since fallen by about a quarter.

The record levels, just under $ 69,000 for Bitcoin, are far away.