Zhongxin Finance, March 9 (Reporter Xie Yiguan) On the 9th, the three major A-share stock indexes continued to weaken. During the intraday, the Shanghai Index and the ChiNext Index once fell by more than 4%, and the Shenzhen Component Index fell by more than 5%.

Affected by the market downturn, "fund stocks" and "A shares" took turns on Weibo's hot search.

  In the afternoon, the decline of the three major stock indexes narrowed. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.13% to 3256.39 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.12% to 12107.17 points; the ChiNext Index fell 0.63% to 2566.72 points.

A-share closing performance.

  Under the "V"-shaped trend, many stocks also turned red. In the end, a total of 3,604 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets fell and 1,119 stocks rose.

  On the disk, chemical fiber, real estate, securities, petroleum, medical care and other industry sectors fell the most.

The stock prices of some heavyweight stocks, including Vanke A, China Merchants Bank, and Ping An of China, hit new lows.

  Boosted by the news of the National Development and Reform Commission's "increasing the release of high-quality coal production capacity and ensuring coal supply and price stability", the coal sector performed well.

In addition, the semiconductor, electric power, brewing and other industry sectors also turned red and closed up in late trading.

  In terms of concept sectors, nickel metal fell by more than 4% to lead the decline, and cobalt metal also fell by more than 3%. The related stock Huayou Cobalt has fallen by the limit for two consecutive days.

  On March 8, the Shanghai Futures Exchange issued a notice on doing a good job in market risk control, mentioning that "the recent international situation is complex and changeable, and the price of nickel in the overseas futures market has fluctuated violently. The Shanghai Futures Exchange will take further measures according to market conditions and regulations."

  Under the weakening of the broader market, northbound funds continued to flow out on the 9th, with a total net sales of 10.935 billion yuan throughout the day. Among them, the net sales of Shanghai Stock Connect was 5.283 billion yuan, and the net sales of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 5.652 billion yuan.

  "At present, A shares are greatly affected by the external market. It is expected that before the external market effectively stops falling and stabilizes, the stock indexes of the two cities are more likely to fluctuate and find a bottom." Zhang Gang, an analyst at Zhongyuan Securities, said that it is recommended to pay attention to the policy side, the capital side and the external market. Changes.

  Western Securities pointed out that looking forward to the market outlook, the escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has gradually been expected by the market. In the future, the price of industrial resources will return to rationality and the domestic epidemic will be effectively controlled. It will be expected.

In the future, the Fed's interest rate hike is expected to promote the recovery of risk sentiment at home and abroad. With the addition of the annual report and the first quarterly report window period and the revision of liquidity expectations, the A-share market still has a "meal" market in the first half of the year.