To ensure abundance and launch expanded campaigns

Retail outlets prepare early for Ramadan by providing sufficient stock of “offer goods”

  • Outlets are going to offer extended discounts in the upcoming Ramadan season.


  • Early readiness plans to provide stocks of products in high consumer demand.

    Photography: Najeeb Mohamed


Officials at retail outlets stated that they are making early preparations to provide sufficient stocks of Ramadan offers products to avoid any shortage in the supply of Ramadan goods, especially those witnessing an intense consumer demand.

They pointed out to "Emirates Today" that early preparation supports the trend of outlets to launch early discount campaigns, before the month of Ramadan, and also keeps pace with the outlets' trends to offer expanded discounts in the upcoming Ramadan season.

early readiness

In detail, Nanda Kumar, Director of the Corporate Communications Department at the Lulu Commercial Centers Group, said, “The group has implemented early preparedness plans to provide a stock of goods for Ramadan offers, in order to ensure that there is no shortage of goods, especially from products with high consumer demand, whether before or after During the holy month,” noting that “the first steps to prepare to support the stock of Ramadan goods began last January, by contracting supply shipments from various companies, inside and outside the country.”

He added that "the stock of food commodities, prior to the Ramadan season, is witnessing a great abundance that meets the needs of consumer demand, which is witnessing a significant increase, compared to all other periods of the year," noting that "the early preparations to provide stock of goods also coincide with the plans for the early launch of Ramadan discount campaigns, which are expected to be launched soon. To allow families to benefit from the early purchase of goods at low prices and to avoid overcrowding in sales outlets, before Ramadan.

He pointed out that "the early preparations help the group to expand its offers during the new Ramadan season, with discounts between 25 and 50 percent on more than 1,400 food and consumer goods."

Offer items

For his part, Christoph Osset, Head of Commercial Affairs and Operations at Carrefour UAE at Majid Al Futtaim Retail, said that "early preparations have been implemented to provide a sufficient stock of Ramadan goods to keep pace with the growth in consumer demand for these goods."

He added, "A sufficient stock has been secured for the commodities of the Ramadan offers, to ensure that there is no shortage in the supply of these commodities during the periods of the offers, with the stability of the prices of various commodities," noting that "the early preparation keeps pace with the plans we are working on to launch Ramadan discount campaigns early, as it It is expected to start offering download offers during the middle of this month.”

Oset explained that “the early offering of Ramadan discounts will be one of the positive things to give consumers the opportunity to shop at different times, to purchase their requirements of goods,” noting that “the available stock for Ramadan offers is far from being affected by the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, which will take time to show the extent of its effects in the Prices of some commodities that are imported from the Russian or Ukrainian markets, most notably wheat products.”

Sufficient stock

In turn, the Director of the Marketing and Happiness Department at the Union Coop, Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki, confirmed that “the cooperative management has implemented plans to provide sufficient stock in its warehouses for the goods of the Ramadan offers that it intends to offer during the upcoming short periods,” noting that “coordination has been made with suppliers, to make available stock.” Sufficient of basic food or consumer goods that are in high demand during the Ramadan season, allowing abundance throughout the season.”

He pointed out that "the abundance of goods during the Ramadan season supports the offering of early discounts on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, and at the same time allows the cooperative to expand offerings to meet the needs of families."

Maher Al-Hosari, Operations Director of Grandiose outlets for retail trade, said that "the Ramadan season was prepared early in coordination with supply companies to provide sufficient quantities of goods, in preparation for offering Ramadan discounts on a number of goods, including food products and consumer goods," noting that "Details of Ramadan offers will be announced to consumers during the coming period."

• Early preparation supports the trend of outlets to launch early discount campaigns, prior to the month of Ramadan.

• Allowing families to benefit from buying goods at discounted prices and avoiding overcrowding in sales outlets before Ramadan.

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