Zhongxin Finance, March 7th. On March 7th, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on "adhering to the principle of stability, seeking progress while maintaining stability, and promoting high-quality development to achieve new progress". Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, introduced The five major reforms in 2022 are the reform to stimulate the vitality of market entities, the reform to build a high-standard market system, the reform to stabilize growth and expand domestic demand, the reform to promote high-level opening to the outside world, and the reform to promote green and low-carbon transformation.

  The first is to accelerate the reform to stimulate the vitality of market players.

Complete the three-year action task for the reform of state-owned enterprises, further promote the optimization of the layout and structural adjustment of the state-owned economy, and actively and steadily deepen the reform of mixed ownership.

Encourage and guide private enterprises to accelerate the pace of structural reform and achieve high-quality development.

Focus on the concerns of market players, continue to increase support for small, medium and micro enterprises, and create a favorable environment for various market players to compete for development.

Vigorously promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and accelerate the construction of world-class enterprises.

  The second is to accelerate the reform of building a high-standard market system.

Efforts will be made to remove market barriers, improve the basic system of the market system, and build a unified national market.

Carry out pilot projects for comprehensive reform of the market-based allocation of factors, strive to achieve major breakthroughs in the fields of land, labor, capital, technology and other factors, and make significant progress in the basic system related to data factors.

Steadily push forward the market-oriented reform of competitive links in key industries, accelerate the construction of a national unified electricity market, and further improve the national unified oil and gas market system.

  The third is to accelerate the reform to stabilize growth and expand domestic demand.

Innovate the investment and financing system, promote the reform of the commitment system for corporate investment projects, improve the level of investment facilitation, and better leverage social capital to expand effective investment.

Promote the quality and expansion of consumption, further improve the consumption environment, and promote the continuous recovery of household consumption.

Improve the system design of distribution according to factors, and promote the expansion of the scale of the middle-income group.

  The fourth is to accelerate the reform of high-level opening to the outside world.

Adhere to the expansion of institutional opening up, implement national treatment for foreign-funded enterprises, further ease market access for foreign capital, and implement the negative list for cross-border service trade.

Speed ​​up the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, and do a good job in the island-wide customs clearance operation.

Optimize foreign investment services and promote the accelerated implementation of major foreign investment projects.

  The fifth is to accelerate the reform of green and low-carbon transformation.

Do a solid job of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, improve the scientific assessment and statistical accounting system, and effectively avoid "one size fits all" and campaign-style carbon reduction.

Accelerate the formation of an incentive and restraint mechanism for reducing pollution and carbon emissions, and do a good job of piloting energy use rights and green power trading.

Improve the resource price formation mechanism, and promote important breakthroughs in the ecological product value realization mechanism.