“This is already such a full-fledged panic on the stock exchange.

Here, only the geopolitical factor affects the surge in prices, because the EU and the US are increasingly talking about new sanctions.

The Europeans have announced that they are preparing a new package of sanctions against Russia, but they do not disclose what is in it.

This is exactly what causes panic, ”the specialist explained.

It is difficult to predict to what level the price of gas will rise, the analyst believes.

“Everything will depend on what signals the politicians will send to the market: whether there will be restrictions on hydrocarbon trade in the sanctions package or not.

This is also very dangerous because even a partial ban on the purchase of Russian gas within the framework of sanctions ... can cause retaliatory steps from Russia, ”said Yushkov.

According to the expert, there are fears that the retaliatory steps of the Russian leadership could lead to a complete halt in the trade in oil, gas and coal.

In his opinion, this, in turn, can provoke a global energy crisis.

Earlier it was reported that the price of gas in Europe exceeded $3,600 per thousand cubic meters.