(Delivery of the Two Sessions) Tang Renjian: China's total food supply is abundant and has the ability to ensure that 1.4 billion people have meals on time every day

  China News Agency, Beijing, March 5 (Reporter Xia Bin) Tang Renjian, Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, said at the first "Minister's Channel" of the National Two Sessions this year on the 5th that although China's grain supply and demand have always been in a tight balance, this year's grain production has encountered problems again. It is very difficult, but the total grain supply in China is abundant at present.

  On the same occasion last year, Tang Renjian revealed that China's per capita food possession reached 474 kilograms.

"Then this year, I can tell you that when it reaches 483 kilograms, it has increased by 9 kilograms compared with last year. Therefore, under the guarantee of this total amount, no matter how the international situation changes, we are able to ensure that 1.4 billion Chinese people have meals on time every day. , I am not hungry, and I can eat more and more steadily, and eat better and better." Tang Renjian said.

  It must be noted that due to the severe autumn flood last year, the late sowing area of ​​winter wheat is relatively large, and it is still a challenge to ensure a bumper grain harvest this year.

However, Tang Renjian said that there are at least three aspects to the confidence in winning the "hard battle" of ensuring summer grain and a bumper harvest.

  First, there is strong policy support, such as raising the minimum purchase price of grain and implementing agricultural subsidies for grain farmers.

  Second, all parties acted quickly and formulated special work plans and technical guidelines, which led to a great change in the seedling situation of summer grain production.

  Third, there are also some favorable conditions for summer grain production. For example, the sown area of ​​winter wheat last year was stable at over 330 million mu. There were many rains and snows in the main producing areas before winter and this spring. At present, the soil moisture and surface moisture are very good.

  "Of course, in grain production, we must not only focus on summer grains, but also in the whole year. According to each variety, each season, each region, and each link, the core of grain production throughout the year is to maintain the area. "Tang Renjian said.