Zhongxin Finance, March 5th, the "Government Work Report" made a comprehensive deployment for the implementation of the new combined tax and fee support policy.

On the 5th, the relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Taxation stated that the tax department will continue to improve the direct and fast-enjoying mechanism for preferential tax and fee policies, take a series of effective measures, and go all out to ensure that the key measure of the new combined tax and fee support policy takes root. .

  The relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Taxation said that good policies need to be implemented well.

Ensuring the implementation of the new combined tax and fee support policy this year is a huge and complex systematic project, involving many policy projects, various types of taxes and fees, a large number of enterprise households, high operational and implementation requirements, and high expectations of market players. Tight and heavy tasks, the tax department is currently in full swing to promote various implementation work.

  - Clearly implement the "responsibility letter".

The tax department will take the implementation of the new combined tax and fee support policy as a major task, strengthen political responsibility, and consolidate political responsibility. Continue to implement the "short, smooth, fast, excellent, and nine-one" working method with the policies explored and summarized by the tax department in recent years, continuously optimize the work mechanism, decompose and refine work tasks, and perform benchmarking and table operations to ensure that policy dividends are delivered to market players in a timely manner. .

  ——Keep an eye on the construction "countdown".

The implementation of each preferential tax and fee policy is a tense "countdown" for the tax department. In order to ensure that all preparations for collection and administration can be completed within a limited time, the tax system has reversed the construction period and made every effort to promote it. Announcements were made and issued as soon as possible to clarify specific policies and regulations and operational methods for collection and management; the deployment was in place as soon as possible, requiring tax authorities at all levels to quickly make various preparations; the information system for tax collection and management was upgraded and adjusted as soon as possible to ensure that all policies were effective Operation, easy to implement, fast landing.

  ——Laying a fast-paced "highway".

Give full play to the role of tax big data, and continue to improve the working mechanism for direct and fast enjoyment of preferential tax and fee policies.

On the one hand, relying on the national unified policy publicity and guidance system of the tax system to accurately push the label system, it actively identifies taxpayers who meet the preferential conditions and pays fees, and conducts “one-to-one” activities through text messages, the “12366” tax payment service hotline, and the e-tax bureau. Policy push and "point-to-point" coaching and reminders; on the other hand, continue to promote "contactless" tax payment, further simplify the process, materials, and methods, and strive to achieve tax policy dividends directly to market entities as quickly as possible.

  —— Push the tax "bonus account".

The taxation department will continue to expand the scope of the pilot program of pushing tax and fee preferential bonus bills, and push tax and fee preferential bonus bills to taxpayers and payers through channels such as electronic tax bureaus, collection interactive platforms, etc., to further enhance taxpayers and payers' sense of gain.

At the same time, closely track the implementation of policies, strengthen the analysis of policy effects, and settle the "effect accounts" of the implementation of various preferential tax and fee policies, so that the policy effects can be better displayed in the full release.

  - Build a "firewall" of discipline.

Put discipline in the forefront, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the new combined tax and fee support policy, and investigate and punish those who collect "excessive taxes and fees" and implement tax preferential policies that are not in place.

At the same time, improve the tax collection and management system, crack down on tax evasion and fraud in accordance with the law, and especially make good use of the six departments of the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Public Security, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the General Administration of Customs, the People's Bank of China, and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange to crack down on "fake enterprises" on a regular basis. The working mechanism of "false export" and "false declaration" will severely crack down on, seriously investigate and deal with criminals who defraud and enjoy preferential tax policies, and increase public exposure to ensure that the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council take root.