Buy blind boxes to open dolls, buy blind boxes to open snacks, buy blind boxes to open beauty products... Blind boxes are becoming more and more popular.

  Consumers buy unknown blind boxes and randomly open the contents, which may bring surprises or shocks.

  But have you heard of opening a blind box to find a job?

  The Red Star Capital Bureau found that some companies have launched "blind box positions" on recruitment websites, claiming to help job seekers who don't know what positions they are suitable for, and also provide "resurrection" opportunities.

  On March 3, the head of a company that launched a "blind box position" told the Red Star Capital Bureau that since the launch of the blind box position, the number of page views on the recruitment page and the number of job applicants' resumes have doubled.

At present, some people have successfully entered the office.

  However, there are also senior HR (human resources management, responsible for the recruitment, management and other work of one company) that it is not ruled out that some companies use this "unfunny way" to attract the attention of job seekers, but job seekers encounter When you go to such a company, you should be careful to avoid being pitted.

"Blind box" posts appear

The suspected founder has been removed from the relevant posts

  On February 19, a Xiaohongshu user "This is Lin Ke'er" uploaded a photo, "I've been submitting resumes like crazy for the past two days. Suddenly I saw this, and the spring recruits also opened a blind box hahahahaha..."

  The picture shows that

the position, posted on February 15, is for job seekers who want to join the company but don't know what position they are suitable for. It will also provide "HR matching", "global view" and "multiple times". Resurrection" and other functions.

  According to the text description in the picture, the company's HR will help job seekers choose suitable positions and discover potential unopened opportunities for job seekers.

When job seekers' intended positions are filled, priority will be given to transfer to other currently recruiting positions.

According to Xiaohongshu user "This is Lin Keer"

  Netizens have different opinions on the "blind box position".

  Some netizens joked,

"Is there a hidden model for this blind box? Can I be the president directly?"

Some netizens said,

"My luck has been bad, what if I open a cleaner (post)?"

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that “Shaoyin Technology” was mentioned in the job description. After this dynamic was released, the Xiaohongshu user also took the initiative to circle the Xiaohongshu account named “Shaoyin China”.

  That is to say, the company that released the "blind box position" should be

Shenzhen Shaoyin Technology Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as "Shaoyin Technology).

  According to the official website of Shaoyin Technology, its brand "AfterShokz Shaoyin" is based on the independent research and development of bone conduction audio technology.

  However, on March 3, the Red Star Capital Bureau logged on to multiple recruitment websites to check the job information of Shaoyin Technology, but could not find the "blind box position", and it was suspected that it had been removed from the shelves.

At present, Shaoyin Technology has a total of 70 recruiting positions.

Among them, the positions with the lowest salary are people's aid management, etc., with a monthly salary of 6,000-7,000 yuan; the highest-paid positions are senior financial managers and IT infrastructure managers, with a monthly salary of 25,000-35,000 yuan.

Shaoyin Technology is currently hiring

  On the same day, the Red Star Capital Bureau called the phone number disclosed by the company in the industrial and commercial information channel, but the phone could not be connected.

At the same time, the reporter initiated a dialogue in the recruitment app, but did not get a reply.

Recruitment websites frequently show "blind box positions"

There are publishing companies that have doubled the number of pageviews and resume submissions

  The Red Star Capital Bureau noticed that when searching for "blind box" on the recruitment website,

at least 4 companies have released recruitment information for related positions, involving companies in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places, all over the entertainment, legal, heavy industry and education industries .

  The main message of the blind box jobs launched by these companies is "I want to find a job but I don't know what position I am suitable for", and some companies list the positions that may appear in the blind box.

Screenshot from recruitment website

  Take Beijing Ingenuity Creative Industrial Design Co., Ltd. as an example. Among its "blind box positions" for interns, possible positions include industrial designers, product designers, business specialists, development specialists, and cultural and creative designers.

  However, the Red Star Capital Bureau found that

among the 4 companies that launched "blind box positions", 3 companies gave a monthly salary range of 4,000-8,000 yuan/6,000-8,000 yuan, and another recruited intern "blind box positions". The salary given by the position" is 150 yuan/day.

  On March 3, the Red Star Capital Bureau contacted one of the companies that launched the "blind box position" - Yongqi (China) Bicycle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yongqi Bicycle"), which mainly produces cycling products. , including bicycles, e-bikes, and scooters.

  The person in charge of Yongqi Vehicle Industry told the Red Star Capital Bureau that

there are 18 types of positions in the blind box that can be matched.

After the release of "Blind Box Jobs", the number of page views on recruitment pages and the number of resumes submitted by job seekers have doubled.

Screenshot from recruitment website

  "When I was chatting with my friends, I found that today's young people, especially fresh graduates, don't have a good orientation for their career development. Then I thought: You don't need to pick a job, I can help you pick it." The person in charge told the Red Star Capital Bureau that after receiving the resumes of job applicants, they will be matched with positions based on the other party's education, majors, experience, etc.

  According to the person in charge,

some people have already submitted their resumes for the "blind box position", and they have successfully entered the job after passing the interview, becoming a foreign trade merchandiser of the company.

Senior HR Interpretation:

There are three possibilities for "blind box positions", which should be treated with caution

  Sang Yun (pseudonym) is an HR who has been in the industry for more than 10 years. She told the Red Star Capital Bureau that "blind box positions" look very strange, and the compliance of posting such positions needs to be confirmed, "When a company has recruitment needs At that time, there should be specific requirements for job applicants, which is a very serious matter.”

  Similarly, HR Zhang Nuo (pseudonym), who has been in the industry for more than 10 years, analyzed the Red Star Capital Bureau after receiving the screenshot of the recruitment page of the aforementioned "blind box position" and said that

there are three possibilities for these companies to launch "blind box positions". Pearson, positions that do not attract job seekers, corporations.

  Zhang Nuo analyzed the Red Star Capital Bureau, the first possibility is that the "blind box position" is equivalent to Guan Peisheng, but with a different name.

"In the past, many companies would recruit management trainees, and the positions were not fixed first. (After the rotation), it depends on what you are suitable for. I see that some 'blind box positions' are written that no experience is required, which may be the case."

  Secondly, Zhang Nuo believes that some positions are not easy to recruit, such as manufacturing workers, salespersons, etc.

"Some companies may publish 'blind box positions' just to be a hot topic and a gimmick."

  Zhang Nuo told the Red Star Capital Bureau that there is a third possibility for blind box positions.

Some companies are "liar companies" and have actual business operations, but they will deceive employees into it and draw a lot of "pie", and open a few more companies to let their employees become legal persons. Once there is a problem, the employees as legal persons are very may be held responsible.

  Sang Yun also told the Red Star Capital Bureau that recruitment is really difficult now. It is not ruled out that some companies use this "not funny way" to attract the attention of job seekers, but job seekers should be cautious when encountering such companies, Avoid getting scammed.

  Red Star News reporter Yang Peiwen

  Editor-in-Chief Ren Zhijiang