Always push back the boundaries of the inaccessible.

This is the objective of companies that offer – for the wealthy only – space tourism offers.

Currently, four companies offer flights to space: Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, SpaceX and Axiom Space.

The offers are multiplying but the prices remain astronomical.

The first space tourist in history had boarded a Soyuz rocket in 2001. For this, he had to pay 20 million dollars at the time, indicates CNews.

According to our colleagues, the first price should be set at 250,000 dollars by Blue Origin.

Jeff Bezos' company proposes to send space tourists in a capsule carried by the New Shepard rocket.

The objective is for this capsule to separate from the lower stage at an altitude of approximately 75 km, to continue its course up to 100 km in height.

There, the passengers will have passed the line of Karman considered by the specialists like the beginning of space.

They will then be able to take advantage of weightlessness and admire the curvature of the Earth for a few minutes.

From 250,000 to… 55 million dollars

For its part, Virgin Galactic announced in February the sale of a ticket at 450,000 dollars.

Richard Branson's company offers its customers to spend a few minutes at an altitude of 80 km.

Each flight can carry a maximum of six passengers for an estimated duration of 90 minutes.

The first 700 places are already reserved, specify our colleagues.

Elon Musk offers a whole different kind of space travel.

For an estimated cost of $50 million, the boss of SpaceX invites passengers to spend several days in space.

In September 2021, two men and two women tried the experiment.

They spent three days in orbit around the Earth after undergoing extensive training.

Finally, the company Axiom Space wishes to organize stays in the international space station, at an altitude of 408 km.

The American company plans to add a room to the ISS.

Designed by Philippe Stark, the latter should make it possible to accommodate the wealthiest customers.

Eight people will be able to stay there for several days for the modest sum of 55 million dollars.

The bedroom is expected to be added sometime in 2022.


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