On the evening of March 2, Zhongtian Finance (000540.SZ) announced that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Zhongtian Urban Investment Group Guiyang International Financial Center Co., Ltd. recently received a "subpoena" issued by the Intermediate People's Court of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. Big Life Insurance Co., Ltd. filed a lawsuit against Guiyang International Financial Center for a house sale contract dispute.

  The announcement stated that Guiyang International Financial Center and Evergrande Life signed the "Commodity Housing Sale and Purchase Contract" and the "Investment Agreement for Building No. 1 in Guiyang International Financial Center Phase I Business District" in September 2020, and agreed that Evergrande Life would purchase Guiyang International Financial Center. The total transaction price of the 6th to 51st floor (excluding refuge floor) office properties and 53rd to 79th floors of hotel and serviced apartment properties in the first-phase business district project of the financial center developed is 1915874280 yuan.

Because Guiyang International Financial Center failed to deliver the house on time, Evergrande Life filed a lawsuit with the Intermediate People's Court of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province.

  The claims of Evergrande Life include rescinding the relevant agreement, and asking Guiyang International Financial Center to return the full transaction price of 1915,874,280 yuan and liquidated damages of 287,381,142 yuan, and the special maintenance fund of 177,24938 yuan, totaling about 2.22 billion yuan.

As of now, the above case has not yet been heard.

  Statistics show that the Guiyang International Financial Center project is located in Jinyang New District, Guiyang City, covering an area of ​​1.32 million square meters with a total construction area of ​​4.5 million square meters. The original planned total investment was about 30 billion yuan.

The project is divided into two phases of development and construction.

  The planned total construction scale of the first phase of the construction project is 2.24 million square meters, including a financial office building area of ​​about 1.5863 million square meters, a residential building area of ​​about 376,200 square meters, and ancillary public building facilities of about 277,500 square meters.

  According to official information, Zhongtian Financial Group was established in 1978 and listed on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1994. It is the first listed company in Guizhou Province.

The industries of Zhongtian Finance include real estate, property, hotel exhibition and others.

  Evergrande Life was formerly known as China-Singapore Great Eastern Life, headquartered in Chongqing.

On September 18, 2015, Evergrande Group purchased a 50% stake in China-Singapore Great Eastern Life Insurance through a bidding transaction. The transaction price was 3.939 billion yuan, a premium of 245% over the listed price of 1.603 billion yuan, and China-Singapore Great Eastern Life Insurance was renamed. Evergrande Life.

At present, Evergrande Life's shareholders include: Evergrande Group's Evergrande Real Estate Group (Nanchang) Co., Ltd. holds 50% of the shares as the largest shareholder, and Great Eastern Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Caixin each hold 25% of the shares.