Significant year-on-year growth, stable and orderly epidemic prevention and control

Civil aviation transports nearly 40 million passengers during the Spring Festival transport in the Year of the Tiger

  On February 25, the 40-day Spring Festival travel in 2022 officially came to an end.

According to data from the Ministry of Transport, the overall operation of the Spring Festival in 2022 will be smooth and orderly, and the country is expected to send 1.05 billion passengers, a year-on-year increase of 20.7% over 2021.

  "This year's Spring Festival travel is generally stable and orderly. The total passenger flow is running at a low level. The passenger flow is mainly for work and family visits. The domestic tourist passenger flow has decreased compared with previous years." At a regular press conference not long ago, the Ministry of Transport Policy Research Shu Chi, deputy director of the office, said.

  Although there is still a big gap in passenger traffic compared to before the epidemic, some analysts believe that the rhythm of the Spring Festival travel and the intensity of activities in the city have gradually normalized.

  "As an important part of domestic transportation, the Civil Aviation Administration strictly follows the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the guarantee of Spring Festival travel. Travel safely and successfully complete all the tasks of the Spring Festival." Recently, at the press conference of the Civil Aviation Administration of China in February, Sun Wensheng, deputy director of the General Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said.

  Data show that during the Spring Festival in 2022, the civil aviation industry will transport a total of 39.82 million passengers, with an average of 996,000 passengers per day, an increase of 12.5% ​​over the same period of the Spring Festival in 2021, an increase of 3.8% over 2020, and a decrease of 45.3% over 2019.

  Sun Wensheng revealed that in terms of flight arrangements, civil aviation actually flew 464,000 flights, with an average of 11,600 flights per day, an increase of 30.3% over 2021, an increase of 2.4% over 2020, and a decrease of 13.1% over 2019.

The average passenger load factor is 64.23%, which is basically the same as that in 2021; the average flight regularity rate is 95.94%, which is 2.26% higher than that in 2021.

  From the perspective of popular routes, the routes between the Pearl River Delta and the Chengdu-Chongqing region, and the routes between Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Northeast China and Hainan are in strong demand, with high passenger volume, flight volume and passenger load factor.

In addition, major ice and snow tourism destinations have also ushered in an increase in passenger flow.

  "In order to solve the situation of 'hard to get one ticket' on popular routes, during the Spring Festival this year, the Civil Aviation Administration encouraged airlines to allocate capacity more flexibly to meet the travel needs of passengers in hot spots and hot routes during the Spring Festival, and increase investment in traditional Spring Festival transportation such as the Northeast and the West. In hotspot areas, wide-body aircraft will be allocated to fly domestic popular routes to precisely match the market demand during the Spring Festival." said Xu Qing, deputy director of the Transportation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

  It is worth noting that the increase in travel demand has also made the overall air ticket prices during the Spring Festival no longer continue to "divide".

Wang Lei, general manager of the Commercial Service Department of Flight Steward Data, said that according to Flight Steward data, as of February 10, the average economy class fare of airlines exceeded that of the same period in 2021. The price remained at around 595 yuan, an increase of 10% over the same period last year.

  In fact, the Spring Festival Travel is not only a "reunion trip" for Chinese people, but also a top priority during the Spring Festival travel period to build a solid epidemic prevention and control network amid the migration of hundreds of millions of people.

  "Generally speaking, although the number of passenger trips during the Spring Festival travel this year has not returned to the level before the epidemic, it has increased significantly compared with 2021. In order to allow passengers to travel safely, airports around the world have made use of the advantages of 'contactless service' and 'technological anti-epidemic', through self-service Technologies such as check-in, self-service luggage check-in, smart code verification gates, infrared induction non-contact elevators, and ultraviolet luggage disinfection machines can effectively reduce crowds and help prevent and control the epidemic." Xu Qing said.

  As Xu Qing said, in order to do a good job in ensuring the Spring Festival transportation, major airports have planned and deployed in advance, and established a Spring Festival transportation security leading group to build the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control.

  Among them, Beijing Daxing International Airport (hereinafter referred to as "Daxing Airport") continued to strengthen passenger temperature measurement and code verification during the Spring Festival. A total of 30 integrated gates for code checking and temperature measurement in front of the building are installed on the first and fourth floors. Passengers can complete the "one-stop" inspection with their ID cards and realize the "non-sensing" passage of personnel.

  "During the Spring Festival travel period, Daxing Airport strengthened the routine virus testing of the passenger flow and garbage flow in the terminal building. A total of more than 1,800 points were tested, and the results were all negative. At the same time, we strictly implemented the check-in area, boarding gate, and baggage claim. We will focus on disinfection of high-touch areas such as halls and other areas, and strengthen the disinfection of handrails and baby carriages," said the person in charge of the Daxing Airport News Center.

  It is reported that the nucleic acid sampling at Daxing Airport is available 24 hours a day, to ensure that passengers are "checked at any time", and timely remind passengers to wear masks and implement "one-meter noodles" and other requirements.

In addition, in response to special weather such as snowfall and heavy fog, Daxing Airport has further optimized the coordination mechanism, comprehensively prepared various plans for flight delays, and ensured smooth notification of information and sufficient supply of materials.

  It is worth noting that during the Spring Festival and Winter Olympics, a total of 10 electronic screens were set up in the terminal building of Daxing Airport to provide live broadcast services of Olympic events. There is a movie viewing area at the entrance of the C-point gallery, equipped with comfortable sofas and fresh green plants. , passengers can watch the Spring Festival Gala, Winter Olympics and other live TV broadcasts while waiting for the flight.

  The person in charge of the Daxing Airport News Center introduced that in order to create a happy and festive atmosphere and a harmonious and friendly atmosphere for the Winter Olympics, many places in the terminal building have created Spring Festival and Winter Olympics-themed landscapes.

  During the Spring Festival travel period, Daxing Airport held a patriotic theme photo contest "Xing China".

"As of the end of the collection period, a total of 818 photographic works that meet the requirements of the competition have been received. At present, the online voting for the Daxing Airport Photography Competition has been opened. You can enter the voting channel through the Daxing Airport App or Mini Program to vote for the entries." Daxing Airport News Center said the person in charge.

  Beijing Capital International Airport (hereinafter referred to as "Capital Airport") focuses on providing travel services for special groups such as elderly passengers, setting up a "no health code" diversion channel sign at the entrance of the terminal building, and arranging staff to help with registration.

At the information counter and the love rest area, the "Love Treasure Box" equipped with first aid medicines, blood pressure meters, blood glucose meters and other supplies protects the health of passengers.

In addition, by setting up "barrier-free passages" for security checks, Capital Airport strives to allow the elderly, young children, pregnant women and other passengers who are unwell to pass the security check more quickly.

  The reporter learned that the Capital Airport has also set up manual ticket windows at the airport bus and express rail ticket offices, and arranged for special personnel to assist elderly passengers to scan codes, purchase tickets electronically, and carry luggage; launched the caring version of the applet and app, launched caring companions, wheelchairs Accompanying, winter clothes storage, free battery car and other "one-stop" exclusive services for senior passengers.

  "The Capital Airport Terminal 3 has been reopened to the public from 0:00 on February 25, and passengers are reminded to pay attention to the flight information released by the airline, so as not to affect the itinerary." The relevant person in charge of the Capital Airport reminded.

  Industry insiders pointed out that major airports have successfully completed various tasks for the 2022 Spring Festival travel by coordinating support resources and optimizing the support process, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the Spring Festival travel, and continuing to provide passengers with a more convenient, warm and high-quality travel experience.

  With the gradual recovery of the civil aviation industry, "guaranteeing the safety of flight operations" has become the focus of attention.

Data shows that at present, the overall safety situation of China's civil aviation continues to remain stable and controllable.

  As of February 19, 2022, the continuous safe flight time of China's civil aviation transport aviation has exceeded 100 million hours, creating the best new performance of safe development in the history of China's civil aviation and the best continuous safe flight record in the history of world civil aviation.

  "In the past five years, the 10,000-hour rate of China's civil aviation liability and serious liability symptoms has been the lowest in history, and the quality of safe operation has continued to improve." Zhu Tao, director of the Aviation Safety Office of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, concluded.

  China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Zhang Zhenqi Source: China Youth Daily