With a card in hand, all these things can be done

  For medical medicine, mobile payment, transportation, cultural and tourism services... these things can be handled by social security cards.

According to data released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently, the number of national social security card holders reached 1.352 billion, with a penetration rate of 95.7%, of which 138 million were third-generation social security cards.

Experts said that positive progress has been made in the construction of the "all-in-one card" social security card, which reflects the continuous improvement of China's civil service level and is conducive to enhancing residents' sense of gain.

  Able to receive money, see a doctor, and have more functions of social security card

  What can a social security card do?

  Social security business can be handled quickly - young people register for insurance and enjoy employment services, middle-aged people participate in vocational training for social security relationship transfer, elderly people conduct social security treatment qualification certification to inquire about social security rights... These services can all be online and offline "one card" manage".

Song Jingyan, deputy director of the Information Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, introduced that at present, 95 applications in the field of human resources and social security have generally opened general cards, and the public can enjoy them quickly by holding the card or scanning the code.

  Being able to send money becomes a "treatment card" - the social security card can receive employment subsidies, pensions, unemployment benefits, work-related injury allowances, migrant workers' wages, etc. It is a veritable "treatment card".

Song Jingyan introduced that the financial subsidy funds for benefiting people and farmers have been issued through social security cards in some cities in 31 provinces.

Sichuan, Jiangxi and other places have also explored the issuance of state grants through social security cards.

  It is understood that the national social security card "all-in-one card" application directory list has reached 160 items, covering human resources and social security, medical treatment and medicine purchase, government services, subsidy funds for people and farmers, transportation, cultural tourism, pension services, disability Human services, grants and other application areas.

Experts pointed out that the continuous expansion of the functions of social security cards means that China's social security system is becoming more and more perfect, allowing the elderly, middle-aged and young people to enjoy more convenient social security services, which is an important promotion for enhancing social security planning and improving people's livelihood services. effect.

  Area pass, service pass, this card is really easy to use

  Can't swipe the social security card for medical treatment in other places?

Is it troublesome to reapply if you lose it?

Don't worry, these problems basically don't exist -

  At present, the social security card has fully supported the national "all-in-one card" services such as cross-provincial and remote medical treatment, and cross-provincial pension collection. Some regions are exploring regional "all-in-one card" services.

The Yangtze River Delta region has preliminarily realized the "all-in-one card" for government services, "one-card issuance" for benefits and subsidies, "one-card access" for medical and health care, "one-card travel" for transportation, and "one-card travel" for cultural tourism; Sichuan and Chongqing have launched 31 human-social cooperation services , and realized the loan and return of books in Chongqing Municipal Library, Sichuan Provincial Library and Chengdu Library with social security card; Guangdong Province actively explores the cross-border application service of social security card in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area , more than 200,000 Hong Kong and Macao residents enjoy convenient services with social security cards...

  "In recent years, the Human Resources and Social Security Department has vigorously carried out the quick action of human resources and social security services, and the application of social security cards has been widely realized in various places." Song Jingyan introduced that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security had opened the national social security card "cross-border" in December last year. Through the National Government Affairs Service Platform, the Pocket 12333 APP and other online services, the public can apply for, activate, replace, temporarily report the loss of a social security card, and check the progress of card making and other 5 "cross-province general services", which are sufficient Submit the application online without leaving home, and the card will be mailed to your home.

  Smarter, more than 500 million people receive electronic social security cards

  Social security cards not only have physical cards, but also electronic cards.

  In 2018, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the first nationally unified electronic social security card at the First Digital China Construction Achievement Exhibition in Fuzhou.

Since then, social security cards have continued to be fully connected online and offline, and a more diverse service ecosystem is gradually being formed.

  At present, more than 500 million people have received electronic social security cards, and a total of 62 nationwide services have been opened, involving employment and entrepreneurship, social insurance, talent and personnel, labor relations, and social security card services. More than 1,000 territorial services have been opened in various provinces and cities.

Among them, "Employment Online", which is frequently used, realizes the aggregation, sharing and release of recruitment and job-hunting information, and supports cross-regional and cross-level recruitment and job-seeking services.

Today, 202 human resource service agencies of various types have settled on the platform, with a total of 16.35 million job postings, 16.72 million registered users, and a total of 91.96 million user visits.

  Various localities have frequently made practical moves to promote the intelligent use of electronic social security cards.

In Jiangmen, Guangdong, citizens can quickly log in to the social security card self-service machine by "sweeping" the electronic social security card to handle social security services such as annual pension review, social security balance inquiry, social security payment inquiry, and voucher printing.

Jiangxi Xinyu is connected to the national social security card service platform. The masses can pay for shopping in supermarkets through the QR code of the electronic social security card, and realize the mobile payment of the electronic social security card, providing a new, safe and convenient service method for the daily consumption of residents.

  Song Jingyan introduced that recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Medical Insurance Bureau have opened a "head-to-head" channel to support electronic social security cards and medical insurance electronic certificates, which are used in parallel in the field of medical treatment and drug purchases.

"As of the end of 2021, the electronic social security card has been implemented in 138 cities in 16 provinces to scan the code for medical treatment and purchase medicine." Song Jingyan said, "In addition, the electronic social security card has also opened an 'elder version' and 'family service', which is convenient for the elderly. operate."

  Kong Dechen