The 2022 Beijing consumer season kicked off yesterday

Create 24 city-wide iconic activities such as the First Launch Festival, the National Chao Jingpin Festival, and the Night City will continue until the end of this year

  News from this newspaper (Reporter Li Jia) Last night, the "2022 (Spring) National Consumption Promotion Month Beijing Consumption Season" co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, China Central Radio and Television, and the Beijing Municipal Government was officially launched on Beijing Universal City Avenue.

The Beijing consumption season will last until the end of the year. The integration of business, tourism, culture and sports, and the joint resonance of online and offline will hold various special events in various districts, economic and technological development zones and multiple core business districts of the city.

  The event presented four experience sections of "Sharing Ice and Snow, Linking the Future", "Technology Consumption, Digital Leadership", "Cultural Consumption, City of Romance", "City of Food, World Integration", focusing on sports, technology, culture and food. Unique online and offline consumption scenarios, and Beijing Universal City Avenue Cool Qiao - Chocolate Shop and Delicious Feast Kitchen, Red Oven Pizza Bakery, Kakao Friends, Bubble Mart and many other first stores, flagship stores, concept stores and Quanjude , Donglaishun and other time-honored innovative stores complement each other, opening a multi-scene layout, multi-format integration, and immersive consumer experience journey.

  It is reported that the "2022 (Spring) National Consumption Promotion Month" activities are organized and carried out by the Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry of Commerce will coordinate epidemic prevention and control and consumption promotion, organize key events such as the Carnival of Time-honored Brands, Chinese Food Fair, and China International Consumer Goods Expo, and organize local Combining the characteristics of local consumption and festivals, highlighting the gathering of businesses through festivals, focusing on consumption of key commodities and services such as ice and snow theme consumption, car carnivals, furniture consumption season, imported high-quality goods, export to domestic sales, special food festivals, etc., the line will be developed according to local conditions. Online and offline linkage, urban-rural coordination, and multi-integration consumption promotion activities.

  "2022 Beijing Consumption Season", as an important brand event in an international consumption center city, will continue until the end of the year. With the theme of "Enjoying Beijing and Enjoying Life", it will strengthen the integration and interaction of business, tourism, culture and sports, and jointly resonate online and offline to build a "1+8+" 24+N" activity framework, that is, with the "2022 (Spring) National Consumption Promotion Month Beijing Consumption Season" launch event as the traction, the first show in Beijing, Fashion Beijing, Chaobu Beijing, Zhihui Beijing, Wenxiang Beijing, and Colorful Beijing will be launched. 8 major event sectors, such as Exploring Beijing and Quality Beijing, to create 24 city-wide iconic events such as the First Launch Festival, National Chao Jingpin Festival, Car Purchase Festival, Night Capital, and Information Consumption Festival, and continue to drive various districts, business associations and enterprises to hold more than 1,000 events. This project promotes consumption activities to create a consumption atmosphere of "one festival in the whole city" during the Beijing consumption season.

  Photography / reporter Guo Qian