China News Service, March 1st. On March 1st, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on "Adhering to Stability and Promoting High-Quality Business Development". Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao said that the Ministry of Commerce will support the development of first stores in places where conditions permit. Economy, start-up economy, expand new types of consumption such as customization, experience, intelligence, and fashion, develop green and healthy consumption, and better meet people's needs for a better life.

  The current multi-point spread of the epidemic has brought greater pressure on the recovery of consumption.

Talking about how to look at the current consumption situation and what aspects will be used to promote the stable recovery of consumption in the next step, Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao said that from last year, consumption continued to recover steadily, and the total retail sales of social consumer goods increased by 12.5%, especially physical goods. Online retail sales accounted for 24.5%.

In addition, smart consumption, green consumption, and healthy consumption are all growing rapidly, and consumption returned to the first driving force of economic growth last year.

  Wang Wentao said that the downward pressure on consumption is still very large, and the pressure to stabilize consumption this year is not small.

In the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will mainly focus on three aspects:

  First, do a good job in implementing policies and enhance the vitality of the main body of the consumer market.

Consumption, especially basic consumption and aggregated consumption, are most directly affected by the epidemic, such as catering, accommodation, and retail, which are more affected by the epidemic, and these industries have more difficulties, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. great living pressure.

According to the deployment of the State Council, 14 departments of the State Council jointly issued a number of policies to promote the recovery and development of difficult industries in the service industry, and put forward strong and targeted rescue and assistance policies for these industries, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. This policy has been release.

The first priority for the Ministry of Commerce is to put these bailout policies into place.

  The second is to innovate ideas and methods, and run consumption promotion activities well.

Last year, the business system organized a series of activities such as the National Consumption Promotion Month, the Online New Year's Goods Festival, the Double Product Online Shopping Festival, and the Carnival of Time-honored Brands. These activities played an obvious positive role in promoting consumption.

This year, on the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, summarize the experience and practices of last year's consumption promotion activities, and continue to organize a series of consumption promotion activities.

For example, the launching ceremony of the "2022 National Consumption Promotion Month" will be held in Beijing tonight.

In the next period of time, various consumption promotion activities will be held through the integration of online and offline, such as consumer expo, car carnival, and home consumption season, to stabilize the consumption of key commodities.

In addition, with the help of the "ice and snow fever" and ice and snow consumption brought about by the great success of the Beijing Winter Olympics, various forms of ice and snow themed consumption promotion activities were organized.

  The third is to serve a better life and create a consumption upgrade platform.

In terms of cities, the Ministry of Commerce launched five cities to cultivate international consumption centers last year. After nearly a year of cultivation, we will summarize and improve.

At the same time, to further promote the high-quality development of pedestrian streets, there is also the demonstration and creation of smart business districts and smart stores, and to accelerate the construction of a "fifteen-hour convenient living circle" that is convenient for residents' lives.

At the same time, encourage the development of new business forms, new models and new scenarios. There are innovations in many places, forming some characteristic neighborhoods, Internet celebrity check-in places, etc.

The Ministry of Commerce will support places where conditions permit to develop the first store economy and the first launch economy, expand new types of consumption such as customization, experience, intelligence, and fashion, and develop green and healthy consumption to better meet the people's needs for a better life.