China News Service, Beijing, February 28 (Men Rui) The "2022 Spring Recruitment Market Weekly Report (third issue)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") released by Zhaopin on the 28th shows that the talent market in the third week after the Spring Festival in 2022 The activity of job hunting has reached a peak again, and about 50% of workers have telecommuting experience.

Respondents' views on the company's "strong off-duty" system Photo courtesy of Zhaopin

  The report shows that in the third week after the Spring Festival, the number of resumes delivered increased by 10.5% month-on-month, and the competition index rose to 17.6. An vacant position received an average of about 18 resumes, and the supply and demand of the talent market was "double hot".

  In the third week after the Spring Festival, the national average recruitment salary was 10,117 yuan/month, which was basically the same as last week. The average salary of artificial intelligence-related positions increased by 2% month-on-month, ranking first in the list of high-paying positions.

Respondents' views on telecommuting Photo courtesy of

  According to the report, about half of the employees in the workplace have telecommuting experience, and a large proportion of customer service, design, operation and sales positions implement telecommuting.

Nearly 90% of workers expect to work remotely.

  Most people in the workplace believe that telecommuting has more advantages than disadvantages.

Nearly half of the respondents said that the work efficiency of telecommuting has improved, nearly 60% of the respondents said that their job satisfaction has improved after telecommuting, and 50% of the respondents said that their working hours have increased after telecommuting.

  The report shows that 65.7% of the respondents support the company's implementation of the "compulsory off-duty" system, 48% of the respondents said that this behavior can "relieve work pressure", and about 45% of the respondents said that it is "beneficial to personal health" and "promotes". work-life balance".

  The report predicts that in March, after colleges and universities start, the spring school recruitment activities will gradually start, and fresh graduates will flood into the job market, and the enthusiasm for job hunting will continue unabated.