In recent years, blind boxes have been on fire.

In addition to blind box stores and blind box machines located in shopping malls and subway stations, under the blind box e-commerce model, some online blind box platforms have emerged, and consumers can experience the joy of removing blind boxes with their fingers.

  However, the happiness that Ms. Zheng, a citizen of Chengdu, looked forward to was exhausted in the endless waiting.

  On February 24, the cover of People's Livelihood Report 2.0 officially launched the "3.15 Rights Protection Plan", which gathers consumers and relevant functional departments to smooth the road of rights protection, and jointly "focus on people's livelihood and help consumption".

  On the day the rights protection channel was opened, Ms. Zheng called to report that the blind box she purchased had never been shipped, and the refund application had not been processed. "I felt cheated."

  Like Ms. Zheng, there are many consumers who have not received the blind box for a long time. They all purchased it on a small program called "Blind Box Planet".

  Why is the delivery delayed again and again?

How to solve the refund demand raised by consumers?

The West China Metropolis Daily and the cover news reporter contacted the "Blind Box Planet", and the person in charge of its user operations responded to the above questions.

Consumers complain

Shipment is delayed and can only be urged once

Human customer service has been unable to contact

  According to Ms. Zheng, "Blind Box Planet" is an online box drawing platform that gathers major blind box brands and blind box styles. On the APP or small program, users can choose to "draw the box" or "buy the whole box" and other ways to obtain various series of blind boxes.

  As a blind box lover, on December 19 last year, Ms. Zheng placed an order for 3 blind boxes on the "Blind Box Planet" applet, two of which have been received one after another, but one is priced at 59 yuan. The blind box has not been shipped yet.

  "After the New Year's Day, there is still no delivery." Therefore, Ms. Zheng submitted a delivery reminder through the background for the first time, but she still did not receive a relevant reply a few days later.

At this time, she opened the order page and wanted to urge the order again, but found that she could not submit it - the page displayed "You can only submit at most one work order for each product".

  Subsequently, Ms. Zheng tried to contact the customer service, but after the Spring Festival, the manual customer service has been unable to contact. "There are always too many people in the queue, and the intelligent customer service reply is a unified template, which is useless at all."

  Seeing that the merchant has not shipped the goods, Ms. Zheng intends to refund, but there is no refund channel on the order page.

As of press time, Ms. Zheng has not received the blind box she has purchased for more than two months, nor has she received the solution from the "Blind Box Planet" side.

"Thunder" in the process of receiving goods for multiple people

Consumer complaints can be seen on multiple platforms

  Ms. Zheng's experience is not an exception.

"'Lei models' (styles that consumers don't like) are shipped very quickly. Once it's a hot or hidden model, it's too difficult for you to get it." A consumer said that he got it in early December last year A tenth anniversary commemorative product, "I haven't received it yet."

  Many consumers have also encountered the situation of "disappearance of orders".

Citizen Ms. Wu placed an order for two blind boxes in the "Blind Box Planet" applet, but encountered a system failure in the applet and could not find the order.

"I downloaded the Blind Box Planet APP according to the prompt, and after logging in through WeChat, it also showed that there was no order." On February 24, Ms. Wu told reporters that the relevant order has been retrieved, but it is still in the "pending delivery" state. , "I want to remind or refund, but the system shows 'too many submitted tickets'."

  The situation that the goods are not on the board also occurs from time to time.

"I bought the blind box of the Milin Castle. After receiving the goods, it was not this series, and the products were unpacked." Ms. Sun, a citizen, said that because she could not contact customer service, she could only suffer from a dumb loss.

  There is a problem but the customer service cannot be contacted. This is a problem that consumers encounter when defending their rights.

On Weibo, Xiaohongshu and other platforms, search for "Blind Box Planet", and you can see many complaints, some of which were even in March last year.

company response

New Year's Eve, etc. Delayed Delivery

The "Overtime Refund" button will be launched this week

  The reporter found that the company of "Blind Box Planet" is Zhejiang Lejian Network Technology Co., Ltd.

At the same time, there are news reports that the company has recently completed a new round of financing, with a financing amount of tens of millions of yuan.

For the "Blind Box Planet", the company's official website describes it as follows: "Let's see the latest products of Technology" "The Blind Box Planet was launched in July 2019... It has developed into a domestic leader in sales in less than a year." blind box sales channel.”

  However, the official Weibo of "Blind Box Planet" has stopped updating on May 14, 2021, and its last message is the mini-program and APP version update announcement. Most of the 830 comments under this message are complaints, such as "every I asked how long it takes to refund", "Hurry up and refund", "Don't sell if you don't have stock".

  After the reporter contacted the company many times, on the evening of February 24, the person in charge of the user operations of the "Blind Box Planet" platform responded to the West China Metropolis Daily and the cover news reporter that the delivery was delayed due to the epidemic during the Chinese New Year, resulting in the delivery of The problem, "The human service is limited. We are scheduling it to meet the needs of users as much as possible, but the volume is indeed too large."

  In response to consumers' requests for refunds, the person in charge said that if it is the first time for people who purchase on the "Blind Box Planet" platform, they can apply for "refunds for newcomers" through self-service customer service in order or delivery problems. "We will have specialists to deal with it."

  How do I get a refund if I am not a "newcomer"?

The person in charge admitted that this is exactly the problem they need to optimize. "We are also developing new functions." The person in charge said that the platform is currently being optimized, and the "overtime refund" button will be launched on the order page this week to ensure that users Directly through the functions in the platform, complete the relevant appeals.

Lawyer's statement

Deliberate delay or unreasonable refusal to return or exchange

If the circumstances are serious, the business license may be revoked

  Lawyer Chen Zixing, deputy director of Beijing Anbo (Chengdu) Law Firm, said that consumers have reached legal and valid sales contracts with merchants (operators) after placing orders on the platform, and operators are obliged to provide consumers with products that meet the agreement. .

If the operator fails to deliver the goods or does not deliver the goods as agreed, it is a fundamental breach of contract, and consumers have the right to require the operator to continue to perform, that is, to demand the delivery or replacement of goods that meet the agreement, and also have the right to demand the termination of the contract, that is, to demand a return.

  In the case of "disappearance of an order", according to Article 62 of the E-commerce Law of the People's Republic of China, in the settlement of e-commerce disputes, the e-commerce operator shall provide the original contract and transaction records.

If an e-commerce operator loses, forges, tampers, destroys, conceals, or refuses to provide the aforementioned materials, so that the people's court, arbitration institution or relevant authority cannot find out the facts, the e-commerce operator shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

  Chen Zixing believes that the local market supervision department or other relevant administrative departments may issue a single or concurrent warning, confiscate illegal gains, If there is no illegal income, a fine of not more than 500,000 yuan shall be imposed; if the circumstances are serious, it shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, and its business license shall be revoked.

  West China Metropolis Daily - Cover reporter Wu Bingqing, intern Zhong Kunliang