At present, the "10,000 enterprises to 10,000 villages" campaign is being widely carried out all over the country.

Paired assistance between enterprises and villages has brought funds, industries and employment to the villages, and improved the income level of villagers; at the same time, enterprises have extended the industrial chain and opened up new markets, forming a good pattern of win-win and common benefits.

This shows that expanding the "cake" and dividing the "cake" complement each other, and economic growth and common prosperity can promote and complement each other.

  The creation and distribution of wealth is a major issue facing all countries.

Common prosperity, "prosperity" reflects efficiency, and requires a larger "cake" to create more wealth increments; "common" reflects fairness, and requires a good "cake" to achieve a more equitable distribution of wealth.

This actually requires us to coordinate wealth creation and wealth distribution, and take into account both efficiency and fairness.

We cannot deny the value of wealth creation just because we need to distribute wealth well. Without the wealth creation of the entire society, common prosperity will be water without a source and trees without roots. We cannot just focus on wealth creation without regard to wealth distribution. If a more equitable distribution of wealth cannot be achieved, it will bring about problems of disparity and polarization between the rich and the poor.

Therefore, our solid promotion of common prosperity is to ensure and improve people's livelihood during development, and to promote common prosperity through high-quality development. It is necessary to continuously liberate and develop social productive forces, create and accumulate social wealth, and prevent polarization. The people of the whole country work together to make the "cake" bigger and better, and then cut the "cake" well and divide it through reasonable institutional arrangements.

  Because of this, whether it is to make the "cake" bigger or to divide the "cake" well, as the main body of developing the economy, creating wealth and expanding employment, enterprises play an irreplaceable and important role.

In particular, it should be noted that the private economy has become the main field of entrepreneurship and employment, an important subject of technological innovation, and an important source of national tax revenue.

Therefore, in the process of gradually realizing common prosperity, the private economy can only grow, not weaken.

From a larger perspective, the market economy includes production, distribution, consumption and other links. If the economic "cake" is well distributed and all social groups can share the dividends of economic growth, it will enhance the consumption capacity of the entire society and expand the The effect of domestic demand, which in turn increases the terminal demand of enterprises, is conducive to promoting the development and growth of enterprises.

In other words, the realization of common prosperity will form a virtuous circle of mutual promotion of wealth creation and wealth distribution, efficiency and fairness, enhance the resilience and vitality of the socialist market economy, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's economy.

  Furthermore, to achieve common prosperity, we must adhere to the basic socialist economic system, insist on public ownership as the main body, and the common development of the economy of various ownerships.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core has adhered to the "two unswerving" measures, and has introduced a series of important reform measures around optimizing the business environment, supporting the healthy development of the private economy, and helping small and medium-sized enterprises. , to create a good legal environment and business environment for economic development, further enhance the vitality of economic development, and expand the space for society to create wealth.

A series of regulatory measures, including the introduction, are also aimed at promoting healthier, more sustainable and longer-term development, and providing a safe platform and fertile soil for more people to create wealth.

In other words, to regulate development is to promote healthy development, and to prevent the disorderly expansion of capital is to guide the orderly development of capital.

It can be expected that with the improvement of regulatory norms in various industries, various enterprises will gain more room for development, and development expectations will be more certain and stable.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "A happy life is achieved through struggle, and common prosperity must be created by diligence and wisdom." In the process of solidly promoting common prosperity, continuing to build a high-standard market system and forming a development environment in which everyone participates will promote The development and growth of various ownership entities, including private enterprises, will create opportunities for more people to become rich, and common prosperity will eventually be gradually realized in the process of making the economic "cake" bigger and better at the same time.