China News Service, Shanghai, February 26 (Reporter Zheng Yingying) Wu Guanghui, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief scientist of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China) (hereinafter referred to as COMAC), revealed in Shanghai on the 26th that COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COMAC) : Shanghai Aircraft Corporation) and Shanghai Shutu Blockchain Research Institute are carrying out demonstration research on the application of blockchain technology in aviation supply chain and other scenarios.

  COMAC is the main body to implement China's major special large-scale passenger aircraft projects, and is the main carrier to realize the industrialization of China's civil aircraft; it is responsible for the ARJ21 regional aircraft and C919 large passenger aircraft with independent intellectual property rights in China, as well as the future Sino-Russian long-range wide-body passenger aircraft. development and production tasks.

On February 26, the 2022 Shanghai Blockchain Innovation Policy Source Work Promotion Conference and Major Achievements Conference was held in Shanghai.

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  On the same day, the 2022 Shanghai Blockchain Innovation Policy Source Work Promotion Conference and Major Achievements Conference was held in Shanghai.

Wu Guanghui said at the meeting that the aviation industry is actively promoting digital transformation.

COMAC has the foundation and mature experience of 5G, big data, and artificial intelligence to empower the aviation manufacturing industry, and has established a relatively complete supply chain system.

  For the aviation industry, even a small part can "act as a whole", and the traceability of the supply chain is particularly important.

The blockchain technology can just solve the relevant key problems.

  Wu Guanghui said that the two parties aim to form aviation product quality information and production logistics information by combining COMAC's existing 5G industrial Internet identification analysis technology and the non-tampering, whole-process trace, traceability and efficient storage of blockchain. Demonstration application, improve the fine management capabilities of the aviation supply chain, solve the "data island" problem in the aviation supply chain, and avoid the problem of "one object with multiple codes".

He said that this can also establish a benign interactive product ecological chain management platform among upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain.

  He said that at present, COMAC has used the company's internal network to build 4 blockchain nodes, completed the deployment of data on-chain and data query smart contracts, used the collected mid-airframe assembly line locator to transport data, and carried out on-chain deployment. Chain test, works well.