Last month's production by major domestic automakers fell below the same month last year, as many manufacturers continue to be affected by the spread of the new coronavirus and the shortage of semiconductors.

Eight domestic automakers announced last month's domestic and international production, with five below last year's level in the same month.

Of these,

▽ Toyota Motor's domestic production decreased by 32.2% compared to last year, resulting in a 14.9% decrease overall.

In addition,

▽ Nissan Motor decreased by 19.5%,

▽ Suzuki decreased by 9.4%,

▽ Mazda decreased by 6.1%, and

▽ Mitsubishi Motors decreased by 0.4%.

This is mainly due to the global shortage of semiconductors and the delay in procurement of various parts from business partners due to the recent rapid spread of infection.

On the other hand, Honda, SUBARU, and Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. had a large drop in the same month last year due to the shortage of semiconductors, which was a plus.

The companies have been aiming to recover from the slump in production since January, but they are still forced to cut production and suspend factory operations, and the impact of parts shortages is protracted.

Furthermore, the outlook is uncertain due to concerns about the impact of Russia's military invasion of Ukraine on the production and sales of cars around the world.