Casserole porridge, Yangzhou fried rice, pizza... The number of instant food members continues to increase.

With the rise of the home economy, in addition to take-out, convenient fast food that can be eaten only by simple processing is more and more favored by "foodies". After self-heating hot pot, snail noodles and other emerging fast food, more and more The variety makes the convenience and fast food show a trend of dinner.

  According to research data from market research consulting firm Ipsos, compared with 2019 before the epidemic, the number of consumers who choose to eat convenience food for lunch and dinner in 2021 will be on the rise.

In terms of convenience food spending, consumers who choose products above 10 yuan have increased significantly, and consumers' spending on convenience food has risen.

It is worth noting that the demand in the price range of 0 to 5 yuan is still strong.

  "Pursuit of efficiency" and "lazy house" are still the main consumption motives of convenience food, while the proportion of "pursuit of delicious food" and "daily convenience food" is increasing, and the consumption motives are more diversified.

Compared with 2019, consumers pay more attention to the taste, taste, healthy nutrition and packaging design of convenience food, which means that deliciousness, health and appearance have become the main innovation directions of convenience food.

  Today, with the continuous iteration of consumption scenarios and consumption habits, consumers have put forward higher requirements for products.

Among them, more convenient, healthier, and more individual are the basic consumer demands.

Many young consumers are no longer interested in old-fashioned instant noodles.

In 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, fast food products have attracted much attention, and the red oil noodles of Ah Kuan Food have received more attention after "the daughter-in-law has been boiled into a mother-in-law for many years".

At the same time, new personalized fast food varieties such as snail noodles and hot and sour noodles have become popular, and have been loved by many young consumers.

  Since the beginning of this year, more emerging instant fast foods have joined this track.

Casserole porridge and claypot rice save people the time of preparing cumbersome ingredients and cooking. They only need to add water and heat the rice bag, and finally add the seasoning bag. The whole process only takes 15 minutes.

Moreover, according to consumer feedback, the matching electric cooker can also cook rice noodles, which is no different from cooking with an open flame.

Microwave fast food is more convenient. Frozen food packaging does not even need to be thawed, just put it in the microwave oven, and heat it on medium-high heat for a few minutes. Pasta, Yangzhou fried rice, bibimbap, roasted chicken wings, roasted sweet potatoes... It can fully satisfy the fast "one meal for one person" "needs.

  Mala Tang and Mala Mix fans also have a new option other than takeaways.

Instant spicy and spicy food, eliminating the process of side dishes, washing vegetables, and mixing ingredients, just soak the prepared staple food and meat and vegetable dishes in boiling water for 5 minutes, and then mix in the "soul" sauce, you can get A restaurant standard delicacy.

  Pizza, a food that can only be enjoyed at western restaurants most of the time, has now joined the fast food camp.

Charcoal-roasted beef, bacon potatoes, durian pizza... The triangular-shaped package allows people to choose a variety of flavors at one time, and can be processed in the microwave or oven. Among them, the microwave heating takes 20 to 90 seconds, and the oven takes 5 to 10 seconds. minute.

  In addition to the above-mentioned new and emerging brand fast food products, in the face of the constantly updated and iterative market, traditional instant noodle companies are also making constant moves, and leading companies such as Master Kong and Uni-President are entering the high-end area.

At the beginning of 2022, Jinmailang launched a new brand of ramen noodles, and on January 28, it received 600 million yuan in Series A financing from Jiahua Capital.

Previously, Master Kong launched high-end brands such as "Suda Noodle House"; while Uni-President launched high-end series brands such as "Tang Daren", "Manhan Dinner" and "Kai Xiaozao", and opened an official flagship store separately.

  Fast food products are becoming more and more trendy and closer to the quality of freshly cooked in the kitchen, which has changed the market's concept of fast food.

CBNData consumption big data shows that post-85s, post-90s and post-95s contributed more than half of the total sales of convenience food, and post-95s and post-00s consumption increased significantly, an increase of more than 100%.

Young people have become the main consumers of the convenience food market.

  According to industry analysts, there are many factors driving the development of fast food.

Changes in consumption structure and concepts, increase in residents' income, growth in women in the workplace, faster pace of life, and strengthening of cold chain logistics and distribution capabilities are all positive for the fast food industry.

At the same time, changes in lifestyles, urbanization, small families, single economy, "lazy house economy" and "high-efficiency life" have also brought new family dining needs.

With the continuous improvement of distribution efficiency, while ensuring food safety, the market coverage has gradually expanded and continued to meet the needs of the consumer market. The fast food field may become a real blue ocean incremental market.

  Text / Our reporter Chen Si