Zhongxin Finance, February 23 (Reporter Song Yusheng) The reporter learned that the ByteDance employee who had died suddenly on the Internet has passed away.

According to a notice on ByteDance's intranet, at 13:43 on February 23, it was learned from the hospital that after 41 hours of rescue, student Wu unfortunately passed away.

Screenshot of ByteDance intranet notification

  The notice said that on February 21, the employee developed dizziness after exercising for about an hour.

At about 19:30 that night, 120 emergency personnel arrived at the scene for treatment and put him into an ambulance.

At 0:30 on February 23, the hospital reported that the employee was in critical condition.

  According to ByteDance's notice, the company has assumed all medical expenses, fully provided logistical support, and will provide pensions and care to the employee's family to assist in handling related matters.