In the Tokyo stock market on the 21st of the week, many stocks have been ordered to sell due to concerns about the situation in Ukraine, and the stock price has dropped.

Nikkei Stock Average, closing price on the morning of 21st is 196.6 yen, cheaper than last weekend's closing price, 26,926.1 yen, TSE stock index = topics is 12.73, down, 1911.58, morning trading volume is 500 million It was 25.9 million shares.

Market officials said, "Due to the tense situation in Ukraine, sell orders spread to avoid risks immediately after the start of the transaction, and the Nikkei Stock Average temporarily dropped by more than 500 yen. However, President Biden of the United States and President Putin of Russia. When both sides reported that they had agreed in principle by holding a summit meeting, there was a move to buy back the stocks whose prices had dropped due to expectations that tensions would ease somewhat, and the rate of decline narrowed. " ..