Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 19th.

Question : To prevent electric vehicles from charging and catching fire, you can't just stare at users

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Zi Qiang and Liu Huaipi

  For a period of time, electric bicycle charging fire accidents have occurred one after another, resulting in vehicle damage and casualties, which has attracted strong attention from all walks of life. Many places have introduced measures to regulate the charging behavior of car owners.

However, to prevent electric vehicles from charging and catching fire, you can't just stare at the user.

  According to statistics, the number of electric bicycles in my country exceeds 300 million.

A report by the Law Enforcement Inspection Team of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress shows that from January to October 2021, there were more than 14,000 fires caused by faults in electric bicycles and their batteries across the country, killing 41 people and injuring 157 people.

  There are so many household charging devices, why are electric bicycles prone to accidents?

This is of course due to the high energy density of lithium batteries and the irregular charging of users, and the responsibilities of production, circulation, supervision, infrastructure and other aspects cannot be shied away.

  For example, are the quality of batteries and chargers produced by the manufacturer up to standard?

Why are the obsolete equipment that does not meet the regulations still in use?

Can outdoor charging equipment meet the needs of residents?

Is the charging price reasonable?

  Electric bicycles are affordable and easy to use, and have become an important travel tool for urban and rural residents.

In this context, to ensure safe use and prevent charging fire accidents, fundamentally, it is more necessary to exert force in the whole process, especially the front end, rather than just staring at the end user.

  For example, are measures in place for the elimination and replacement of non-compliant batteries and charging equipment?

Is the construction of outdoor charging piles convenient and reasonable?

Is the production, inspection and supervision of the enterprise in place?

Is the treatment of unauthorized modification and abuse of inferior equipment in place?

These are all issues that supervisory authorities should perform their duties with due diligence.

  People's livelihood is no trivial matter, and safety is higher than the sky.

All parties concerned must fulfill their responsibilities, effectively solve the problems of electric bicycle charging safety and difficulty in charging, and build a safe and convenient travel environment and safety environment for the general public.