Explore self-operated business, send red envelopes with the Spring Festival Gala, and make efforts for the New Year's Day...

  ​Enter the stock competition e-commerce platform to make moves to grab traffic


  The "war" between e-commerce has continued from the New Year's Day to the present.

Recently, the consumption of Tmall to open its own flagship store and change the name of Tmall App to "Maoxiang" continued to ferment.

Subsequently, Ali responded that the Tmall App will not be renamed, and Maoxiang is just an exploration project in the Tmall App.

On the 20th, the reporter saw from the introduction of the new version of mobile phone Tmall on the App Store that the new version added "Maoxiang Self-operated".

  From the adjustment of Ali’s organizational structure at the end of last year, to the “scramble” of major e-commerce companies for the New Year’s Day, to JD.com joining hands with CCTV to distribute red envelopes during the Spring Festival Gala in the Year of the Tiger, to Tmall’s launch of Maoxiang’s self-operated... The competition in the e-commerce field is “white-hot” again.

Experts pointed out that the e-commerce industry has entered an era of stock competition, and under the impact of live broadcast e-commerce, traditional e-commerce is also urgently adjusting its internal business, forming a joint force to better capture users, businesses, brands, etc., and have more Multiple initiative.

  Maoxiang self-operated PK Jingdong self-operated?

  Yesterday, the reporter saw from the introduction of the mobile Tmall App page of the App Store that the new version added "Maoxiang Self-operated", "Maoxiang Flash Sale", and upgraded "logistics experience".

According to reports, Maoxiang self-operated is an official self-operated business launched by mobile phone Tmall; "Maoxiang Flash Sale" is a self-operated authentic product.

Some Maoxiang self-operated products enjoy door-to-door delivery.

  From the perspective of the industry, Alibaba's actions in the e-commerce field started as early as the end of last year.

On December 6 last year, Alibaba announced an organizational restructuring.

According to the internal letter, Dai Shan and Jiang Fan were appointed to be responsible for the newly established "China Digital Business" and "Overseas Digital Business" two sectors respectively.

  In early January this year, Dai Shan issued an internal letter announcing the new organizational structure of the original Taobao Tmall business.

On the basis of adhering to the dual-brand operation of Taobao and Tmall, the newly established Industrial Operation and Development Center, Platform Strategy and Operation Center, and User Operation and Development Center are respectively in charge of Chuixue, Sihan, and Xuande, who report to Daishan.

  As JD.com, which has always adhered to the self-operated model, it is also quite "big money" in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger.

For the first time this year, JD.com became the exclusive interactive partner of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and announced the distribution of red envelopes worth 1.5 billion yuan.

It is understood that JD.com has also elevated it to a strategic position.

  The industry pointed out that behind the distribution of physical gift packages and shopping vouchers during the Spring Festival, JD.com wants to show its own supply chain and logistics capabilities.

"Even for traditional festivals, which used to be inconvenient for online shopping, e-commerce platforms now hope to tell consumers that they can shop online and receive goods during these times," said an e-commerce insider.

  The first "transcript" of the year of mining the new battlefield was announced

  On February 10, according to the Ministry of Commerce, the 29-day "2022 National Online New Year's Day" ended.

  During the New Year's Day, major e-commerce platforms have posted "transcripts" one after another.

Pinduoduo data shows that from the start of the New Year’s Day on January 6 to January 21, the sales of marked products related to the platform’s “Ten Billion Subsidy” increased by more than 138% compared with the same period last year.

On January 26, JD.com said that during the New Year's Day, the sales of domestic products sold overseas increased by 4.5 times year-on-year.

  In addition to traditional e-commerce platforms, emerging live-streaming e-commerce companies such as Douyin and Kuaishou are not to be outdone.

According to Douyin e-commerce data, from January 1 to January 16, the cumulative hours of Douyin e-commerce live broadcasts reached 31.71 million hours.

Douyin e-commerce cooperates with 23 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country, driving sales of 3.019 million local goodies.

During the 2022 Kuaishou E-commerce Quality New Year Festival held by Kuaishou, the consumption of "era Z" increased by 254% year-on-year.

  Industry insiders of live broadcast e-commerce told reporters that the traditional "Double 11" and "618", etc., due to consumption habits, the market is still dominated by traditional big platforms, so the "emerging" battlefields such as the New Year's Day and the live broadcast festival are the cutting-edge Where e-commerce challenges traditional platforms.

  Short video and live broadcast e-commerce impact the rapid change of e-commerce structure

  Exploring self-operated businesses, expanding emerging "battlefields", cooperating with the Spring Festival Gala to distribute red envelopes, etc., are all e-commerce platforms to grab more traffic.

  In recent years, domestic e-commerce has entered the era of stock market competition, and at the same time, the entire e-commerce structure is changing rapidly.

Li Chengdong, an e-commerce strategy analyst, said that the era of rapid growth has come to an end for both platforms and merchants.

On the other hand, live broadcasts and short videos have occupied a huge amount of domestic Internet traffic since 2019.

When the growth of the overall Internet traffic is slowing down, the growth of short videos is to grab users' attention and time from other applications, and it is a substitute for other content.

  In the capital market, affected by various factors such as policies and industries, the stock price performance of major e-commerce platforms is generally average.