Comprehensively create the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics in the city shared by the host and the guests -

  Harbin has set off a new round of ice and snow fever

   . Our reporter Ma Weiwei

  After the beginning of spring, in Harbin, the "ice city" of the northern country, ice and snow are still singing the protagonist, and large and small ice and snow landscapes appear on the streets and alleys, attracting many tourists to check in and take pictures.

  With the theme of "Welcome the Beijing Winter Olympics and Ignite the Ice City", Harbin's winter ice and snow season will launch three chapters: "Meet the Most Beautiful Ice City", "Song of the Ice and Snow Olympics" and "Enjoy the Rhythm of Spring Snow".

Riding the east wind of the Winter Olympics, Harbin has set off a new wave of ice and snow tourism.

  Experience the new in old-fashioned scenic spots

  In January this year, the "China Ice and Snow Tourism Consumption Big Data Report (2022)" released by the China Tourism Academy showed that Harbin Ice and Snow World ranked first among the most popular scenic spots in Northeast China during the ice and snow season from 2021 to 2022.

  At night, Harbin seems to have turned into a crystal clear and radiant kingdom of ice and snow.

Entering the 23rd Harbin Ice and Snow World Scenic Spot, the interesting five-ring maze, the beautiful and dreamy fairy tale castle, the thrilling super ice slide... The landscape full of elements of the Winter Olympics will instantly fill the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics .

Xiaomei, a tourist from Guangdong, excitedly made a video call in front of the main tower, "I have never seen such a spectacular ice lantern, it's so beautiful!"

  In order to welcome the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, this year's Ice and Snow World has created a theme ice and snow park for tourists that integrates viewing, entertainment and dissemination of Winter Olympics knowledge.

Including the light of the Winter Olympics, the five-ring sanctuary, the shining summit, the dreamy ice field, the happy gathering, the passionate snow circle and the flying snow-capped mountains, the ice and snow art is used to deeply restore the classic architectural elements of the host countries of the previous Winter Olympics. The dynamic light technology shows the charm of the Winter Olympics.

  According to the staff of the Ice and Snow World, after the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the passenger flow of the Ice and Snow World ushered in a small peak, with a single-day passenger flow of 4,000 to 5,000 people, which was significantly more than before the Spring Festival.

  On the other side of the river, the 34th Harbin Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Fair, with the theme of "Winter Olympic Light Dream Snow Expo", expresses the yearning for the Olympic spirit through snow sculptures of different Olympic themes.

Especially the 100-meter-long and 30-meter-high main sculpture "Winter Olympics Journey to the Sun Island" is based on the image of Bingdun pier, Xue Rongrong and the landmark buildings in Harbin. The amount of snow used reaches 27,000 cubic meters. The largest cartoon single-body snow sculpture ever made at the Sun Island Snow Expo.

  The ice and snow season in Harbin from 2021 to 2022 will last from late November 2021 to mid-April 2022. It will last for nearly 5 months. The theme route focuses on the activities of "Ten Gardens", "Ten Festivals", "Ten Competitions" and "Ten Meetings", covering viewing, experience, cultural exposition, folklore, sports, exhibitions, commerce, vacation, research, extreme challenges, etc. The traditional projects have been supplemented, the short-board projects have been supplemented, the thickness of ice and snow tourism has been increased, and the city brand name card has been polished.

  Ice and snow sports promote consumption

  As athletes have achieved excellent results in the Winter Olympics, the popularity of ice and snow sports has also risen in Ice City.

  Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest tourist and competitive ski resort in Asia. Every winter, it becomes a "hi-snow" place for ski lovers.

In this ice and snow season, the outstanding feature of Yabuli Ski Resort is that there are more young people skiing. Wang Yang, director of Yabuli Ski Resort Mountain Sports Academy, told reporters, "Compared with previous years, we have increased from five training courses to nine training courses in this ice and snow season. During the period, the number of trainees increased from 30 to 60 per session.”

  Among the students who are ready to go, 10-year-old Li Yanxian and Li Anxi are students from the winter camp. "We came from Sanya by plane and transferred to the high-speed rail. It has been five years since we saw snow. Skiing is especially fun. God, I learned the heel edge, braking, and turning!" The two sisters told reporters excitedly when they got off the snowy road.

  Driven by the Winter Olympics fever, Yabuli's skiing fever has risen again.

"The high-speed train from Beijing to Yabuli takes about seven hours, and the fastest from Harbin to Yabuli takes only one hour. After the opening of the circular high-speed train, it will be more convenient for tourists from Beijing and the province to travel to Yabuli." Wang Xuedong, the head of Yabuli West Station, said that this year is the The first Spring Festival travel service of the Heilongjiang circular high-speed rail service. For this reason, a special parking lot is specially set up here to realize the seamless connection between the road and the rail, so as to facilitate the travel of ski enthusiasts. .

  The increase in ice and snow sports enthusiasts has also led to a gradual increase in ice and snow consumption.

According to data from, the consumption amount of ice and snow in Heilongjiang will increase by 70.29% in 2021.

As a gathering area for ice and snow sports enthusiasts, Heilongjiang users prefer to buy professional ice and snow equipment.

  In a ski equipment store located in Yabuli Ski Resort, the owner told reporters that the sales have been very impressive during this period of time. On the first day of work, he submitted a purchase order to reserve a batch of new products for this winter.

"Although the purchase price is increasing year by year, the order volume is also increasing year by year, and people's enthusiasm for ice and snow sports is very high. My order volume increases by about 10% every year on average."

  Great atmosphere for ice and snow activities

  This Harbin ice and snow season, with tourism, culture, art, fashion, sports, and economic and trade activities as the main line, enriches the connotation of ice and snow tourism in an all-round way. The six tasks of "Happy Ice and Snow Season", "Ice and Snow Benefiting Season", and "Ice and Snow Punch-in Season" have comprehensively created the atmosphere of the city's Winter Olympics shared by hosts and guests.

  During the Spring Festival, Harbin Polar Park's newly upgraded Beluga show, dolphin show and other sitcoms have appeared one after another, and the splendid performances have become the best choice for a large number of tourists.

  Ice skating, ice skating, snow sledges, ski circles... In order to help the Beijing Winter Olympics and promote Harbin's "all people on ice and snow" activities, Harbin World Joy City launched the "'city' invites ice and snow Beijing color Winter Olympics" activity, During the event, the public welfare ice rink is open to the public for free, and tourists can fully experience the fun brought by ice and snow projects.

A parent who is teaching his child to smoke ice cream told the reporter: "This is my favorite game in winter when I was a child. Now I play with my child, it's very fun, and it makes me feel like I was a child!"

  Harbin has formed unique characteristics in the development of ice and snow products. With Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival as the leading brand, it has formed artificial ice and snow such as Ice and Snow World, Ice Lantern Park Fair, Sun Island Snow Expo, and natural ice and snow tourism products such as rime and snow valley; Yabuli, Ice and snow sports products such as Mao’er Mountain Ski Resort; ice and snow leisure and entertainment products such as Songhua River winter swimming, skating, snowmobiles, sleds; ice and snow food products such as Martier popsicles, candied haws; special accommodation products such as ice and snow castles; ice and snow country folk customs Experience products, ice and snow tourism products are increasingly abundant.

  At the same time, Harbin takes the competition as the entry point to guide the organic integration of youth ice and snow sports with culture and tourism, and promote the development of the ice and snow sports industry. The 100-day series of "Going on Ice and Snow" activities, the "Millions of Teenagers Going on Ice and Snow", the Ice and Snow Sports Carnival, the Ice Parent-Child Games and other activities and competitions not only organize the majority of young people to participate in ice and snow sports and enjoy the charm of ice and snow sports, but also effectively promote the cultural , the integrated development of tourism and ice and snow sports industries.

Our reporter Ma Weiwei

Our reporter Ma Weiwei