The Beijing Winter Olympics is a splendid sports event and a green "ice and snow".

Biodegradable tableware made of straw, corn and other raw materials, torches using hydrogen fuel for the first time, Olympic venues using 100% green electricity... Inside and outside the stadium, the green concept that can be seen everywhere lays out the bright background of the Beijing Winter Olympics. With practical actions, the world can see China's attitude and determination to achieve the goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality".

  Sustainable development is my country's national strategy and one of the three major themes of the Olympic 2020 Agenda.

A ski jumping platform was built in Shougang Industrial Park, where "sparks splashed" in the past. Here, industrial sites and ice and snow sports are perfectly integrated; The cost of later dismantling and renovation has reduced the carbon emissions generated by the newly built venues... When the development of human society encounters global challenges such as climate warming and energy crisis, from the bidding, preparation to the holding, the green development and the green Olympic Games will be promoted in one, as promised. The upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics has set an example for the sustainable development of the Olympic movement.

  Passionate Winter Olympics, green foundation.

When the green Olympics have become a firm choice for the Chinese people, adhering to ecological priority, resource conservation and environmental friendliness, China has not only fulfilled its original commitment to the world, but also leveraged the Winter Olympics to comprehensively promote the construction of ecological civilization, and the background of a beautiful China has become stronger and stronger Bright.

Taking Shijingshan District as an example, as the location of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and an important competition area, Shijingshan, under the leadership of serving and guaranteeing the preparation of the Winter Olympics, has started to create a national forest city since 2018. The urban green coverage rate reached 52.42%.

More importantly, by practicing the "Green Covenant", the concept of green and low carbon has become increasingly popular among the people, and green and low-carbon lifestyles such as "CD Action" and "Green Travel" are becoming the conscious choice of more and more people.

  Before you know it, the countdown to the Winter Olympics has entered.

As Yu Jianhua, Deputy Director and Spokesperson of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment said, this Winter Olympics not only allowed everyone to enjoy the infinite charm of ice and snow sports, appreciate the ecological beauty of nature, but also left valuable information for the continuous improvement of Beijing's ecological environment. heritage.

Looking forward to the Winter Olympics, the whole society will form a strong synergy to promote economic and social development and comprehensive green transformation, and jointly paint a new picture of beautiful China.

(Source of this article: Economic Daily Author: Shen Hui)