The Keizai Doyukai has put together a proposal for legislation, stating that free and open economic activities should be taken into consideration, over a new bill that the government aims to pass in the current Diet to strengthen economic security. I did.

The Keizai Doyukai has released a proposal for a new bill to strengthen economic security, which will be approved by the Cabinet next week with the aim of being passed by the current Diet.

According to this, in addition to the weakness of the supply chain = raw material supply network that became apparent due to the corona disaster, the protection of national interests is an urgent issue amid the ongoing conflict between the United States and China, and we are evaluating the legislation.

On the other hand, while emphasizing that free and open economic activities should be taken into consideration when enacting legislation, we will narrow down the target to important products that are deeply related to people's lives such as semiconductors, AI = artificial intelligence, biotechnology, etc. He points out that the public and private sectors should promote technical cooperation and provide financial support for the development of advanced technologies that are important for economic security.

He also requested that the government needs a mechanism to certify qualified persons who handle trade secrets in order to promote cooperation between the public and private sectors, and that it should be considered immediately.

Mitsunobu Koshiba, Deputy Secretary-General of the Keizai Doyukai, said, "Economic security is a new concept, so I would like you to specify the purpose of the law and the economic activities covered in detail to increase the predictability of the company."