Sino-Singapore Jingwei, February 18th. The topic of "BYD Group releases a new logo" rushed to the hot search.

  On February 17, BYD's official Weibo said that BYD Group and its subsidiary BYD Auto have upgraded the brand identity.

  According to BYD, the new logo of the group retains the passionate red and the circle, adjusts the lines of the circle, and changes the original sharp corners of the glyphs into rounded corners with more mathematical aesthetics.

The whole is more rounded and generous, showing a sense of affinity and openness, realizing the perfect combination of technical aesthetics and humanistic feelings.

  However, the slight change caused netizens to complain, "I really have to find the difference carefully", "It seems to have changed, but it doesn't seem to have changed."

  This also reminds some netizens of the new logo released by Xiaomi not long ago, "It must be a designer with Xiaomi" and "200w design fee has been paid to the account".

  Web image

  Are the logo changes of well-known brands regular?

Some enthusiastic netizens have compiled a change map, which shows that the brand has basically changed little when changing the new logo.

Therefore, this picture is jokingly called "everyone finds faults".

  Weibo netizens comment

  For the new logo, Weibo netizens have mixed opinions. Some people think that it looks "rounded" and looks better. Some netizens mentioned that they can see the flat design. In today's rapid development of Internet thinking and industry, enterprises Thinking should also keep up with the trend.

Some netizens also thought, "We don't understand the world of the boss, can we make money in this way?" "Call the police, although the logo has not changed, but the money is spent..."

  What do you think of BYD's logo?

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