GOIP devices can convert traditional telephone signals into network signals. One GOIP device can have hundreds of mobile phone card slots, which is equivalent to integrating hundreds of mobile phones into one, and realizing remote group control virtual dialing through the computer.

In recent years, such devices have often been used by telecom fraud gangs to commit crimes.

  Information from the Ministry of Public Security shows that in 2021, a total of 441,000 telecom and network fraud cases will be cracked across the country, and 690,000 criminal suspects will be arrested.

"Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter learned when visiting public security organs and communication management departments at the grassroots level that GOIP devices have lost their normal application scenarios and become "electronic fraud tools", which are found in most electronic fraud cases.

Worryingly, the device is still easily available on some e-commerce platforms.

  A piece of equipment is only a few thousand yuan, but it brings many difficulties to the police

  In Chengjiang City, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, a white car just stopped when several police officers suddenly surrounded them, subdued the two men in the car, and found a GOIP virtual dialing device from the rear seat of the vehicle.

  Just a few days before the operation, a new mother in Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province received a text message saying that the baby products she purchased needed to be refunded due to quality problems.

After a meal according to the request of the other party, the mother found out that she had been cheated of 28,000 yuan!

  After receiving the report, the police investigated and found that the number involved and several other numbers were used on the same device, and frequently made calls to all parts of the country; the device has been moving around, and recently came to Chenggong District, Kunming City, and then went to Yuxi City .

"We judged based on our experience that there is a high probability that the 'mazai' is running around with GOIP equipment." The police officer from the Chenggong Branch of the Kunming Public Security Bureau introduced that after catching the suspect, the police found that the phone number used by the fraudster in the case was indeed from this device.

  The police believe that GOIP equipment provides technical support for telecommunications fraud, which is an important factor leading to the high number of telecommunications fraud crimes.

  According to the police handling the case, in the past, GOIP equipment was mainly used in the centralized call system of communication operators and large multinational companies, and has now been replaced.

Electric fraud criminal gangs take advantage of the GOIP device's ability to simulate any number and dial in batches, and use it as a fraud tool.

In order to avoid the police's tracking and positioning, they often find "horses" with GOIP devices to keep moving.

  "One piece of equipment is only a few thousand yuan, but it has brought many difficulties to the police in handling the case." Han Zhichao, a police officer from the Cyber ​​Security Corps of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department, said that the fraud group can recruit in any part of the country by separating the crime dens and the calling equipment." "Ma Zai" is used for remote control; the use of arbitrary number display software and multiple phone transfer technology results in police tracking across multiple provinces and cities. As long as a communication gateway bureau cannot screen out the information, the clues will be interrupted.

  Chen Liangxin, director of the Information and Communication Management Division of the Guangdong Provincial Communications Administration, said, "With the GOIP device, you can rent a room from anyone, or even put it on the car for a month, and criminals can control it outside the country." Kunming Public Security Bureau responded. Xiong Meng, deputy leader of the third team of the fraud center, said: "This kind of crime can also realize the separation of people, cards and machines, the gateway is placed in the country, the card slot is placed in one country, the operator is placed in another country, and even remote Clear data, destroy evidence.”

  Someone is illegally selling online

  The reporter learned that the GOIP industry is not large, and the production is relatively concentrated in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other cities.

The person in charge of Shenzhen Yizheng Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters that the company has been deeply involved in the GOIP field for 20 years. Due to the large number of fraud cases involving related products, in April 2020, in order to cooperate with anti-fraud work, it decided to suspend domestic sales and only do foreign trade; several other companies in Shenzhen Larger manufacturers are also taking the same measures.

  "For GOIP equipment, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has not issued new network access licenses. Most of the equipment sold publicly on the market is theft and fraudulent licenses." A senior communications engineer said that these devices that cannot obtain official network access licenses cannot be listed for public trading.

  However, the reporter's investigation found that related products can still be found on some e-commerce platforms.

  The reporter searched for "GOIP" on some e-commerce platforms, and there are still many products on sale.

Among them, a Wuhan seller not long ago put on the shelf a "genuine authentic" GOIP gateway with "95 new records", the price is 15,500 yuan, the seller said in the description that "there is no problem with normal use, the whole Netcom 4G network, 32 tow 128 ports ".

The so-called "32 to 128 ports", that is, 32 ports, can insert 128 mobile phone cards.

  Many stores said that the GOIP equipment currently on sale can no longer be used in China, but if they are bought in the name of "state-owned enterprises or listed companies", there is "a way to avoid restrictions" and use them normally in China; they did not disclose how to operate them. .

  In addition, some people on the e-commerce platform dismantled the core module of the GOIP device and sold it under different names such as "multi-card device" and "mobile phone external card slot".

Some respondents believe that the equipment technology is highly reproducible, and it is easy to transfer to underground production and circulation. Some small foundries that have not been included in the market supervision have continuous production capacity, and the products flow into the second-hand market and the black market.

  It is necessary to strengthen source control of "electronic fraud tools"

  It is understood that in 2021, public security organs across the country will further promote the "Cleaning the Internet 2021" special campaign, targeting the "black cards", "black numbers", "black lines" and "black equipment" that are important "criminal materials" for four types of cyber crimes. , arrested more than 30,000 criminal suspects such as "card merchants" and "haoshang", seized more than 3 million mobile phone black cards, seized more than 10 million online black numbers, and seized 10,000 black-produced equipment such as "Maochi" and GOIP Yu Taiwan.

  "Electric fraud cannot be dealt with by the public security alone, and comprehensive management must be strengthened." Many grass-roots case-handling police believe that the core of anti-fraud work is to control fraud-related tools; Multi-pronged management and control to curb the proliferation of GOIP equipment.

  The respondents suggested that the first step is to strengthen the supervision of the distribution channels of e-commerce platforms.

Network information, market supervision and other departments should strengthen the supervision of relevant e-commerce platforms, explicitly require them to remove GOIP equipment from the shelves, and fill in the loopholes in the circulation of fraudulent equipment.

  At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the source management of upstream mobile phone cards.

Mobile phone cards are the basic "material" for telecom fraud and the "raw material" for GOIP equipment.

"Theoretically, a person can get about 100 cards from the three major operators and virtual operators, and normal people obviously can't use so many cards, which leads to the rental and sale behavior, which provides a place for GOIP equipment to be used. Tao Jian, a police officer from the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, said that Shenzhen is gradually implementing the policy that the same user can only open six mobile phone cards in Shenzhen, and it is also necessary to implement such a policy at the national level.

  The draft Anti-Telecom Fraud Law released in October last year proposed that those who illegally manufacture, sell, provide or use equipment mainly used for telecommunication network fraud will be subject to fines, administrative detention and other penalties.

The grassroots police such as Xiong Meng suggested that it be further clarified in the draft that possession and trading of GOIP equipment, but unable to prove its legitimate use, should be presumed to be the crime of helping information network criminal activities, so as to further clarify responsibilities and clarify legal boundaries.

  (Reporters Wang Yan, Mao Xin) Xinhua News Agency, Kunming, February 15th