China News Service, February 18. According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce made a statement on the release of the "2021 Review Report on the Notorious Market of Fake Counterfeiting and Piracy" by the United States.

The spokesperson said that on February 17, the US released a report that listed many Chinese companies and markets as so-called "notorious markets".

It is irresponsible and unobjective for the US side to use ambiguous terms such as "allegedly" or "reportedly" to describe relevant Chinese companies in the report, which has neither conclusive evidence nor sufficient proof.

China does not agree with the report's conclusions, and expresses its firm opposition to the irresponsible actions of the United States.

  The spokesperson said that in recent years, China's intellectual property protection system has been continuously improved, the intellectual property protection system has been gradually improved, and the protection of intellectual property rights has been comprehensively strengthened.

China continues to intensify law enforcement efforts, and takes heavy-handed measures to rectify key areas and regions with strong public reaction, public concern, and frequent infringement and counterfeiting.

Chinese enterprises have invested a lot of resources and actively cooperated with government departments and rights holders to combat infringement and piracy.

China's achievements in intellectual property protection are obvious to all.

According to the "2021 Global Innovation Index Report" released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, China ranks 12th, and the overall ranking has maintained an upward trend for six consecutive years, and some indicators are firmly in the leading position in the world.

China believes that the United States should comprehensively and objectively reflect the efforts and progress made by the Chinese government and enterprises in intellectual property protection, and make a fair evaluation to avoid undue negative impacts on enterprises.

  The spokesperson pointed out that the problem of counterfeiting and piracy has existed in the United States before and now.

The US side frequently uses the so-called "Notorious Market Report" to accuse other countries, but does not mention its own domestic counterfeiting and piracy in the report. Such a double standard is regrettable.

  The spokesperson said that protecting intellectual property rights and combating infringement and counterfeiting are common challenges faced by all countries in the world.

Especially in today's economic globalization and the rapid development of new technologies such as the Internet, combating infringement and counterfeiting requires the concerted efforts of all countries.

China is willing to strengthen cooperation in intellectual property protection with other countries in the world, and create a business environment for fair competition for global enterprises.