According to a report from the Voice of China News and Newspaper Digest of China Central Radio and Television Station, more than a month after the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) came into effect, the dividends have been released faster.

Many places across the country have recently released the transcripts since the RCEP came into effect, and the data is eye-catching.

  In the first month of the implementation of RCEP, Fuzhou Customs has a good start for exports. A total of 307 RCEP certificates of origin have been issued, and 109 million yuan of exported goods will enjoy the RCEP agreement tariff concessions in foreign countries.

Among them, nearly 400 tons of aquatic products from a food industry company in Fuzhou have obtained the RCEP origin qualification and exported to Japan, with a value of about 28 million yuan. These aquatic products will receive about 150,000 yuan of tariff concessions when imported into Japan.

  Huang Guoqing, general manager of a food industry company in Fuzhou: Since the implementation of RCEP, our orders have increased by more than 10%. At present, our orders have been placed in July.

  With the increase in enterprise orders and the increase in the export volume of goods, Fuzhou Customs took the initiative to develop a tracking service plan for enterprises in its jurisdiction.

  Lin Weibin, Deputy Director of Fuzhou Customs Tariff Department: Focusing on key industries, we will analyze the potential benefits of industries by category.

At the same time, we also send policy door-to-door, tailor-made benefits guidance for leading enterprises.

  In the first month of RCEP implementation, Harbin Customs issued a total of 58 certificates of origin for enterprises in Heilongjiang Province, involving a value of 18.186 million yuan, enabling foreign trade enterprises in Heilongjiang Province to enjoy a preferential tariff reduction of 911,000 yuan.

  Hefei Customs has issued a total of 486 certificates of origin for enterprises in the customs area, which is expected to help enterprises reduce or exempt tariffs of US$1.7568 million.

A valve company in Ma'anshan, Anhui successfully applied for the certificate of origin for two batches of valves exported to Thailand and Australia through the self-service system designed by the customs.

  Fan Yalin, the company's import and export director: RCEP has expanded our trade circle of friends and greatly enhanced the overseas competitiveness of our products.