In order to ensure the transportation of China-Europe trains in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area during the Spring Festival in 2022, Guangzhou Railway Group has refined the epidemic prevention measures for goods, formulated a targeted train transportation plan, and increased the number of China-Europe trains in the Greater Bay Area. to ensure the safety and smoothness of international freight railway transportation.

Since the beginning of this year, the China-Europe freight train in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has made 77 trips. While completing the Spring Festival passenger transport mission, it has also achieved continuous growth, providing a strong guarantee for stabilizing foreign trade exports and the global supply chain.

  Due to the advantages of large transportation volume, low price, strong timeliness, environmental protection, and low risk of contact infection during quarantine, China-Europe freight trains have stood out in recent years and become the first choice for more and more traders to transport import and export goods.

At the same time, the rapid development of my country's high-speed rail has also released a large amount of existing line transportation capacity, laying the foundation for the opening of more China-Europe trains.

  In response to the continued strong demand for China-Europe freight trains, the Guangzhou Railway Group has increased the lines of the planned trains, and successively added 2 main lines of the China-Europe freight trains, one each per day, which are the plans for exiting through Erlian and Horgos ports respectively. China-Europe train lines.

The data shows that the China-Europe Railway Express in the Greater Bay Area has connected more than 90 cities in more than 20 countries, and the export of "Guangzhou goods" is dazzling, and has expanded to communication equipment, shoes, clothing and leather goods, home appliances and furniture, toys, woodworking equipment, beauty and cosmetics products. , second-hand cars, auto parts and more than 700 types of goods.

  In order to unblock the passage of foreign trade enterprises in the Greater Bay Area to enter the Asian and European markets with higher quality transportation services, the railway department has launched a series of new measures, ranging from formulating emergency transportation plans, opening additional inbound and outbound routes, promoting "short-term, flat-and-fast" projects, and real-time monitoring of loading and unloading. In terms of truck operation and other aspects, the transportation organization is continuously optimized to fully meet the transportation needs of customers and promote the stable growth of China-Europe freight trains within the management; the centralized prepayment management system has been launched at each site within the management, and the prepayments deposited by customers into the account can be directly deducted within the management of the group The transportation, leasing and other expenses incurred by other sites will further simplify the customer remittance process; in view of the rapid increase in the transportation of cross-border e-commerce goods at the China-Europe freight train dispatching station within the management, security personnel are arranged to go to the security inspection point of the customs supervision warehouse for unpacking inspection. It eliminates the customer's secondary verification procedures during loading, saves time and cost for customers, and ensures the transportation timeliness of China-Europe trains.

  "We have cooperated with China Railway Express and Sinotrans. The freight yard is equipped with facilities and equipment such as security checkers, flat belt conveyors, telescopic machines and power telescopic rollers. The operation efficiency is greatly improved, and the mechanization and logistics automation are truly achieved." Guangzhou Railway Group Zhou Jianru, Director of Dalang Freight Forwarding of Guangzhou Freight Center, introduced, "We strictly implement the central security inspection system, and conduct security inspections on all goods at a 100% ratio to ensure the safe and stable operation of trains."

  In the past two years, the China-Europe Railway Express in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has achieved sustained and high-quality development, and the service map has been continuously extended. In the past two years, 654 China-Europe Railway Express have been operated, building an all-weather, large-capacity, green and low-carbon landline in an all-round way. The transportation network has accelerated the improvement of international land transportation rules, provided a stable transportation guarantee for the production and living needs of countries along the route, and injected vitality and impetus into the economic recovery of Eurasian countries during the epidemic.

(Economic Daily reporter Pang Caixia correspondent Cai Zhen)