Employees of a major trading company with a wide range of overseas businesses expect that the government will gradually ease the border measures for Omicron stocks from next month, which will lead to normalization of the business in the future. I was asked.

"Itochu Corporation", a major trading company, started the third occupational inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine at its head office in Tokyo on the 17th.

Initially, it was planned to be implemented from the 28th of this month, but we have moved ahead of schedule to take measures to prevent the spread of infection as soon as possible.

Due to the government's border measures, this company was unable to conduct training inviting foreigners working at overseas bases and business negotiations with overseas companies in Japan.

In addition, expatriates who have returned to Japan are required to wait at home for a certain period of time, which is said to have hindered their work.

A 48-year-old male employee who completed the third vaccination said, "For the past two years, it has been difficult to travel overseas, but without the traffic of people, the business will not be active, so it is definitely early. I would like to ask for relaxation. "

Mr. Kentaro Ishizu of ITOCHU Corporation's New Coronavirus Countermeasures Headquarters said, "Trading companies used to go to overseas sites to do business, but they are greatly restricted by the new Corona. Relaxation of border measures is infection control. It will be a big break in terms of both revitalizing economic activities and economic activities. I would like to finish the third vaccination within this year and improve the internal epidemic prevention system. "

Aviation giant "further easing"

Following Prime Minister Kishida's announcement at a press conference that the border measures for Omicron stocks will be gradually eased from next month, major airlines have announced comments calling for further relaxation.

Of these, ANA Holdings said, "I was hungry for the government's measures this time. I am anxious for further easing for both entry and departure."

In addition, Japan Airlines says, "I would like you to make efforts to promote mitigation, such as easing restrictions on the number of immigrants and reviewing travel danger levels, toward the full-scale normalization of international traffic."

At the end of November last year, the government took measures such as suspending new entry of foreigners in principle as a measure against the border of Omicron stock, and the number of international passengers at both companies was before the spread of the new corona infection last month. Compared to the same month as the adult, both have decreased by about 90%.