Caution is the right advice in the hot phase of the pandemic.

It makes sense to help the economy generously, even if there are deadweight gains.

It is right to order more vaccines than are needed.

And it would be negligent not to prepare for the very worst in the hospitals.

Fortunately, this hot phase of the pandemic, in which the corona virus rages unpredictably, seems to be over.

The course of the disease is much milder, pediatricians are demanding that the younger ones no longer be tested or sent into quarantine.

Nevertheless, the federal government is visibly finding it difficult to say goodbye to the principle of caution as the sole maxim.

While in Germany's neighboring countries only masks, vaccines and personal responsibility are supposed to protect citizens, people in Germany have to wait even longer until the time comes.

Unfortunately, the federal and state governments missed the opportunity to shorten this test of patience on Wednesday.