"Cold resources" spawned thermal effect after the Olympic Games in Yanqing Nuggets

  On the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, the old grandson took his children to the Badaling Ski Resort in Yanqing for skiing. "The opposite is the Xiaohaituo Mountain in the Winter Olympics. I was very excited. Beijing families like Lao Sun choose skiing in the suburbs of Beijing to experience the atmosphere of the Winter Olympics.

The Beijing Winter Olympics has also directly stimulated the economy of snow and ice resorts in the suburbs of Beijing. Although there is still nearly a month before the end of the 2021-2022 snow season, according to estimates from several ski resorts in the suburbs of Beijing, the sales of tickets for the ski resorts may be higher than before the epidemic. There is a larger increase.

  The Winter Olympics also boosted the popularity of country houses.

Then, how to seize the post-Olympic economic opportunity, retain the huge group of "ski novice", and make young people become the main force of the future ice and snow leisure market?

How to improve the quality and service of homestays in the suburbs of Beijing, and deeply explore the experience of rural leisure?

How to take advantage of "cold resources" to make winter a peak season for vacations in the suburbs of Beijing?

  With the help of the Winter Olympics, Yanqing's rural tourism has ushered in an important development opportunity in history. According to industry analysts, Yanqing can rely on Beijing's source market to build a multi-format ski and leisure town in the future.

  The main goal of the ski resort: to retain the "ski novice"

  According to data from the travel platform, as of mid-January, ticket sales for Beijing suburban ski resorts have doubled compared to the second half of December last year. Among them, ticket sales at Beijing suburban ski resorts such as Vanke Shijinglong Ski Resort have more than tripled compared to the same period in 2020.

During the Spring Festival, the number of skiers in major ski resorts in Beijing suburbs such as Nanshan Ski Resort, Jundu Mountain Ski Resort, Jingzhihu Ski Resort and Badaling Ski Resort is even more overwhelming. flow measures.

  "Snowboard skis are in short supply, and this year we have re-imported a large number of snowboards." Xu Xinwen, Marketing Director of Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort, pointed out that in recent years, skiers in the suburbs of Beijing have become more and more younger and younger.

According to statistics, 60% of domestic ski consumers are born in the 2000s and 1990s.

Xu Xinwen introduced that when Beijing just opened the ski resort 20 years ago, the majority of skiers were urban white-collar workers. In recent years, the number of teenagers and even children has increased significantly.

She believes that, on the one hand, the ski enthusiasts of that year have become parents, bringing the "second generation of skiers".

On the other hand, it is also related to the government's support and promotion of youth ice and snow sports in recent years, including ice and snow classes and related preferential subsidies.

In her opinion, these young skiers are very important and will be the main force in the ice and snow consumer market in the future. She hopes that after the Winter Olympics, the government will give greater support to youth skiing.

  Another major feature of the skiing crowd in Beijing suburbs this year is the substantial increase in the number of high-frequency skiing and skiing "little whites".

Most of the former are ski enthusiasts, and some have gone to Beijing suburbs to ski more than 20 times this year.

The latter are beginners who experience ice and snow sports under the leadership of the Winter Olympics, and many people are on the snow for the first time.

  According to industry insiders, the early Beijing suburban ski resorts were basically divided into three types of ski slopes: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Some beginners "unauthorized" on the intermediate and advanced ski slopes, but could not control the speed and turn, which brought danger to themselves and others , so many skiers are more willing to go to Jilin, Heilongjiang or even abroad to ski.

In recent years, after upgrading and transformation, Beijing suburban ski resort has been greatly improved in terms of ski trails, facilities and services.

Taking Nanshan Ski Resort in Miyun as an example, there are currently 25 high-, middle-, and elementary-level ski trails, as well as standard U-shaped snowboard trails, large-scale snowboard freestyle jumping platforms, terrain parks, and wild ski trails.

In addition, the ski resort also has the only "cat jumping" advanced underworld in Beijing and the "extreme snow ditch" professional double underworld in the back mountain, with a maximum slope of about 33 degrees and 38 degrees respectively, and many ski enthusiasts are its loyal fans.

  Lao Sun is 38 years old this year. He only skied once in the suburbs of Beijing 15 years ago. "I fell hard, and I didn't learn anything." He said that this time he took his 7-year-old son to experience skiing for the first time, and he chose Badaling. On the one hand, the ski resort is close to the Winter Olympics venue, and on the other hand, it also takes a fancy to the ski teaching designed for beginners.

  According to Yao Yu, general manager of Beijing Badaling Ski Resort, the ski resort focuses on the rapidly growing "skiing novice" group in recent years, is positioned as a teaching-type ski resort, and provides systematic skiing experience for beginners.

Although it is expected that the number of ice and snow leisure tourists in my country will reach 305 million in the ice and snow season from 2021 to 2022, according to industry analysts, the number of senior ski enthusiasts in the strict sense in China is about 600,000, and the rest are staying in simple Experience the light skiing audience.

  Yao Yu believes that allowing beginners to safely and efficiently acquire basic skiing skills and experience the fun of skiing is one of the key elements to increase the stickiness of users in the ice and snow market. ".

It is precisely in response to the substantial increase in the number of "skiers" after the Beijing Winter Olympics, Badaling Ski Resort designed the ski pass as a "pass-through mode". According to the standard of Beijing's public ski rating, tourists can start from the basics and learn from each level. There are fixed instructors, and when your skiing skills are certified, you can go to a higher level of skiing.

  "This can divert skiers of different levels, not only to ensure safety, but also to enjoy their own skiing." Xu Xinwen also said that Nanshan Ski Resort has also strengthened skiing teaching in recent years, including enriching the ski school curriculum system and ski winter camps. Wait.

  Blessed by ice and snow business, homestay boom in Beijing suburbs

  This winter, homestays in the suburbs of Beijing are also very popular.

According to statistics from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, the bookings of country houses during the Spring Festival holiday are hot, an increase of 2.3 times compared with 2021, an increase of 9.9 times compared with 2020 (an increase of 405,000 people), and the operating income reached 74.424 million yuan, an increase of 1.4 times compared with 2021. .

Among them, parent-child, ice and snow, and hot spring homestays have become the first choice. Many homestays take advantage of the festival to offer services such as renting small courtyards, New Year's Eve dinners, and Chinese New Year parties, allowing guests to experience making tofu, making noodles, steaming steamed buns, pasting Spring Festival couplets, and making dumplings. and so on.

  According to Chen Changchun, founder of Seclusion Township, during the Spring Festival holiday, homestays in Yanqing, Fangshan, Huairou, and Miyun are basically full.

  According to statistics, about 50% of Beijing suburban homestays during the Spring Festival holiday are repeat customers.

Chen Changchun believes that outbound travel and even outbound travel have been affected in the past two years. Many people have tried homestays in the suburbs of Beijing for the first time. After understanding and approving the services and facilities of homestays, they are more assured to bring the elderly and children to live with them during the Spring Festival.

In addition, the shortening of the booking time also shows that people have gradually become accustomed to the lifestyle of going to Beijing suburban B&Bs for leisure and vacation during the holidays, and the consumption and experience of country B&Bs are becoming more and more routine.

  In his view, the Beijing Winter Olympics have played a boosting role in the winter vacation in the suburbs of Beijing.

It is understood that B&Bs around ski resorts, ice lanterns, ice waterfalls and other ice and snow projects are more popular. Many guests have specially booked B&Bs on the fourth day of the first lunar month. Watching the live broadcast of the Winter Olympics and experiencing ice and snow projects have become the activities that guests pay most attention to.

Many homestays have also made preparations for the Spring Festival customs, the Winter Olympics and the traditional culture of intangible cultural heritage. The Winter Olympics elements can be seen everywhere in the homestays. Some homestays also provide ice and snow activities, such as small ice rinks built for family guests, holding snow fields. "Identify animal footprints" activities, etc.

  Cao Yiyong, president of Beijing Yanqing District Homestay Alliance and founder of Yuanxiangli Homestay, said that in the past two years, with the increase in the proportion of Beijing suburban vacations and the implementation of standardized management policies for homestays, Beijing suburban homestays have greatly improved in both quantity and quality. , the performance was the same as before the epidemic or even exceeded that of 2019.

  He believes that in 2022, with the further maturity of epidemic prevention and control, the gradual liberalization of tourism, and the further standardization of homestay management, the overall national homestay industry will show a positive trend, but it will also be differentiated. For example, some brands invested three or five years ago are affected by these two Annual operating pressure.

  It is understood that the development momentum of homestays in the suburbs of Beijing has been good in the past two years. During the epidemic, the popularity of surrounding tours has also promoted the quality upgrade of rural homestays. Many individuals or tourism companies have joined, and even attracted some surrounding industries to enter the game, which has also brought rich and diversified B&B derivatives.

"Last year, the number of individuals or companies that consulted with us to open homestays has doubled compared to previous years." However, Chen Changchun also pointed out that the current number of homestays in the suburbs of Beijing tends to be saturated, and the future needs to develop in the long run, and those entering the game should be more calm. Planning also requires the correct guidance of the local government, especially in terms of improving the content of rural experience, rather than blindly expanding the number.

  After the Nuggets Olympic economy, Yanqing should aim at specialization

  Under the heat of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Yanqing has become one of the biggest winners of the rural tourism economy in the suburbs of Beijing this winter, with both ice and snow vacations and country houses coming out on top.

According to statistics, during the Spring Festival holiday, Yanqing received a total of 467,000 tourists and achieved a tourism income of 72.339 million yuan. Both the number of tourists and the income accounted for more than half of the city's rural tourism.

  However, this is only the beginning.

It is understood that after the Winter Olympics, the Yanqing Olympic Park will be opened to the public, the Winter Olympic Village will be transformed into a high-end star-rated hotel, and Zhangshanying Town, where the competition area is located, will be built into the most beautiful ice and snow leisure town; Yanqing will also use the "Snow Feiyan" "Snow Dragon" will build the only international high-standard ice and snow challenge base in China, build a mass ski resort in Xiaohaituo Mountain, and upgrade Vanke Shijinglong and Badaling ski resorts.

By the end of 2024, Yanqing will be built into an international ski resort, with a skiable area of ​​1 million square meters and over 500,000 ski tourists.

As a supplement to ski tourism, Yanqing District will also make reasonable use of the existing ski resorts, mountains and reservoir resources in the area, and carry out summer sports projects based on mountain outdoor, water sports, directional development, paragliding and other sports, so that people can ski in winter. , Xia Ke gliding.

  Yao Yu believes that with the help of the Winter Olympics, Beijing suburban ski resorts will achieve upgrades and iterations, and interact with surrounding industries, "In-depth public vacation travel is the future development direction of the ski market, and creating a mature ski resort destination will also be a priority for Beijing suburbs, especially in the suburbs. It is the ultimate goal of Yanqing’s ice and snow economy.”

  As early as seven or eight years ago, the rural tourism in Yanqing was still trapped in poor infrastructure, and there were few tourists in winter due to low temperature.

According to Cao Yiyong’s recollection, when he first went to Yanqing in 2015 to inspect the homestay market, like other areas in the north, the local area was still dominated by farmhouses, and he had no concept of homestays at all. As winter entered the off-season of tourism, there were few in-depth vacation guests.

In recent years, Yanqing has been vigorously developing the homestay economy, and it has emerged as a new force among homestays in the north. It is known as the "Yanqing Model" in the industry. Last year, more than 300 homestay yards met the requirements of "one license, two certificates, one system" under the Beijing Homestay Management Regulations. .

  Cao Yiyong believes that Yanqing B&B is not only an accommodation product, but also a way of life after superimposing intangible cultural heritage, rural leisure, ice and snow sports, and parent-child research. It also provides a platform and carrier that can be incorporated into the economic development track.

From the 2019 Beijing World Horticultural Exposition to the 2022 Winter Olympics, Yanqing District will be based on the functional positioning of ecological conservation areas, relying on ecological background, firm in green development, and adhere to high-quality, delicate and meticulous working methods. The important development opportunities in history, whether urban construction, infrastructure investment or people's self-confidence, have been greatly improved." For example, the popularity of tourism and homestay reception in Yanqing this year's Spring Festival, on the one hand, benefited from the promotion of the Winter Olympics. On the other hand, Yanqing has also made adequate preparations, which has brought benefits to the Yanqing homestay market in winter.

It is understood that various towns and towns in Yanqing, including Jingzhuang and Yongning, have launched a series of activities to welcome the Winter Olympics and the Spring Festival, such as combining intangible cultural heritage, homestays, the Great Wall with the Spring Festival customs.

Yanqing has also built 100 Winter Olympics family-themed homestays, and launched the "Ice and Snow Warm Stay" consumer coupon coupons. When staying at the homestay, you can visit the World Portuguese Garden for free or buy tickets for scenic spots and ski resorts at a discounted price.

  With the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Yanqing's "cold resources" have attracted the attention of the leisure tourism market in the past two years. "Cold" has become an advantage, and winter has also become a peak season for vacations in the suburbs of Beijing.

Wei Xiang, a professor and researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that Yanqing has the prerequisites to build an international ice and snow tourism destination. In the future, it can combine the resources of the snow field to do a professional ice and snow economy, such as simulation of ice and snow sports, grading tests, and learning, etc., attracting all parts of the country. The ice and snow lovers come here to "fight monsters and upgrade" and experience "entertainment + professional" ice and snow sports, which can be different from the northeast ski industry.

  According to the statistics of Xuezu Technology, in the 2018-2019 snow season, ski enthusiasts from Beijing ranked first in the country with a proportion of 22%.

Wei Xiang pointed out that Yanqing is backed by Beijing's source of tourists, and has more international appeal and influence. "In the future, the development of ice and snow towns can also be combined with the implementation of national strategies. For example, Beijing builds an international consumption center, and Yanqing is fully qualified to make ice and snow. Consumption."

  Wei Xiang believes that in the long run, the biggest benefit that the Winter Olympics will bring to Beijing and even the national ice and snow economy is social value. After the Winter Olympics, ice and snow sports will move from professionalization to national leisure, and social value will eventually be transformed into economic value. The value, such as the source of tourists and investment in facilities in Zhangjiakou, is particularly obvious.

In addition to the ice and snow industry, the Winter Olympics are also beneficial to rural tourism and leisure agriculture, because not only in publicity, but also in the government's significant increase in capital investment, project incentives and facilities in local villages.

"Actually, judging from the previous Winter Olympics, the impact of large-scale events on small towns or small places is more profound and obvious. Therefore, the Winter Olympics will have a very significant impact on Zhangjiakou and Yanqing, a suburb of Beijing."

  "As far as Yanqing in the suburbs of Beijing is concerned, there are two key transition points to grasp the post-Olympic economic opportunities and to develop in a dislocation with Zhangjiakou." He pointed out that the first is to strengthen the training of coaching talents.

The Winter Olympics can be said to be a typical copy of gym sports, and coaching resources are particularly critical. If Yanqing takes the lead in human resources such as coaching training and standard setting, it will be able to lead the economy of the Beijing Winter Olympics in the future.

Second, pay attention to the economy of facilities and equipment.

Beijing does not have an advantage in the manufacturing of ski equipment and facilities, but it can develop a release center and experience center to build a physical ice and snow sports facility and equipment business center.

  Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Qu Tingyi