Before the law requiring companies to reduce disposable plastic products came into effect in April, an exhibition of the latest products and technologies that utilize paper and easily recyclable materials has begun.

This exhibition introduces the latest products and technologies that comply with the "Plastic Resource Recycling Law," which will be enforced in April and require companies to reduce disposable plastic products.

Of these, the paper container developed by a major paper manufacturer has a special processing on the inside to prevent liquid leakage and maintain the quality of the contents in the same way as plastic, so it is for refilling shampoo etc. It is used as a pack.

In addition, the tubes and other containers introduced by major printing companies are made of one type of plastic.

In the past, it was difficult to recycle because multiple materials such as aluminum and plastic were used, but we have developed a material that maintains durability even for one type, making it easier to recycle.

Mr. Nobu Kanazawa, Managing Director of the Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association, said, "Efforts to develop new methods of using plastics and new materials are accelerating. We want to contribute to the realization of a comfortable society as a whole industry." Was there.

This exhibition is open until the 18th of this month at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto-ku, Tokyo.