Just after the beginning of spring, winter wheat ushered in a critical season for field management.

In Henan, the planting area of ​​wheat continues to stabilize at more than 85 million mu, of which nearly 20% is high-quality special wheat.

After the Spring Festival, the agricultural technology department of Huaxian County, Henan organized more than 200 agricultural technicians to go deep into the fields to guide farmers to carry out field management in a timely manner.

  Early rice production has started in many places in the south.

At present, the planting area of ​​early rice in Hainan has exceeded 700,000 mu.

In Jiangxi, newly built high-standard farmland has become the main battlefield for spring ploughing this year.

  In the north and northwest of our country, the preparation work is progressing in an orderly manner.

Liaoning has actively done a good job in the allocation of spring ploughing material reserves, seized the supply of goods, prepared enough goods, and focused on coordinating the production and circulation of agricultural materials such as seeds and fertilizers.

In order to ensure the land fattening work before spring ploughing, the railway Lanzhou Freight Center has transported more than 1,500 tons of fattening fertilizer since the beginning of this year.

The Agricultural Bank of China plans to add more than 150 billion yuan in spring ploughing preparation loans this year, mainly in key areas such as grain production and arable land protection, and establish a "green channel" for spring ploughing preparation credit services to meet the demand for spring ploughing production funds.