China News Service, Sanya, February 12 (Reporter Wang Xiaobin) After the "Golden Week" of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, with the rise of "off-peak travel", the popularity of Sanya's tourism market continues, and the "Golden Week" is extending toward the "Golden Moon".

On January 31, tourists hang wish cards to pray for the New Year at the Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone in Sanya, Hainan.

Photo by Chen Wenwu published by China News Agency Image source: CNSphoto

  Because it is located in the tropics, Sanya is the most popular in winter and spring every year.

During the Spring Festival holiday of the Year of the Tiger, in the context of a slight year-on-year decrease in the number of domestic tourist trips and tourism revenue, a number of tourism data in Sanya became popular, and the popularity returned to the level before the epidemic.

With the influx of "off-peak travel" crowds after the festival, the "Golden Moon" of winter and spring travel is emerging.

  February 7-11 is the first working day of the Year of the Tiger.

According to data provided by Sanya Phoenix International Airport, the average daily number of inbound passengers in the five-day airport is higher than that of the Spring Festival "Golden Week".

It is expected that by the 15th Lantern Festival, the airport will still be at the peak of passenger flow.

  "Peak-staggered tours" have kept Sanya's major scenic spots at a high level of passenger flow during the "Golden Week" during the Spring Festival.

Nanshan Scenic Area has received more than 30,000 tourists for several consecutive days after the festival.

In the Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Tourist Area, the mainstream self-driving tours and family tours are in the scenic area to enjoy the flowers and view the scenery and climb up to the sky.

During the Spring Festival, Tianya Haijiao Scenic Spot realized “prosperity and prosperity”, and the scenic spot decided to continue the policy of benefiting guests during the Spring Festival until the Lantern Festival.

  Ma Nan, director of the Marketing Department of the Sanya Tourism Promotion Bureau, said that in recent years, Sanya's tourism industry has been upgraded, making more and more people realize that not only has a good climate and beautiful scenery, but there are also many good ways to play.

  "It is expected that by the end of this week, (Sanya Tourism Hotel) will maintain an average occupancy rate of about 85%." Liu Kaiqiang, president of Sanya Tourism Hotel Association, said that thanks to the implementation of the national "double reduction" policy and the implementation of local epidemic prevention and control measures There is a degree of relaxation, and the family parent-child customer group occupies the mainstream in Sanya.

Liu Kaiqiang predicted that the upsurge of the "Golden Week" of the Spring Festival in Sanya may continue until the spring semester of primary and secondary schools.

  "'The off-season is not short' is our key work this year." Ma Nan revealed that the Sanya Tourism Promotion Bureau, with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as the core target area, is planning a "large-scale event season" to attract "nearby" tourists.