Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 11. The reporter learned from the State Council's regular policy briefing on the 11th that by the end of 2022, through the procurement of national organizations and provincial alliances, it will achieve an average coverage of more than 350 drug varieties in each province. There are more than 5 varieties of medical consumables.

  In recent years, the reform of centralized procurement of drugs and high-value medical consumables has been continuously advanced.

Up to now, six batches of national centralized drug procurement have been carried out, a total of 234 drugs have been purchased, and the average price has been reduced by 53%. The purchase amount accounts for 30% of the total annual drug purchases of public medical institutions.

  Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the National Medical Security Administration, introduced that from the cumulative results of the three-year reform, the state organized centralized procurement to save more than 260 billion yuan.

In general, the price level of medicines showed a trend of stability and decline.

  "At present, national organizations and alliance procurement have formed a normalized pattern, and centralized procurement bidding regulation, quality, supply, distribution, and use of guarantee mechanisms and supporting policies have also been improved and optimized." Chen Jinfu said.

  According to reports, while participating in the centralized procurement organized by the state, different forms of provincial and inter-provincial alliance centralized procurement have also been carried out.

From the perspective of purchased varieties, chemical drugs, proprietary Chinese medicines, and biological drugs are involved in three major drug sectors, and two varieties of coronary balloon and ophthalmic intraocular lens have also achieved full coverage in the province.

  Li Maozhong, head of the Drug Supervision and Administration Department of the State Drug Administration, said that the State Drug Administration has always regarded the quality supervision of products selected by centralized procurement as the top priority of drug supervision, and has established a green channel for registration applications for generic drug consistency evaluation.

By the end of 2021, a total of 693 varieties have passed the consistency evaluation.

  Zhou Jian, head of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that in the next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will continue to carry out the dynamic monitoring of national centralized procurement of drugs, effectively urge enterprises to do a good job in the production and supply of selected varieties, and focus on tackling the shortcomings of the pharmaceutical industry. , to guide enterprises to achieve new breakthroughs in the blank areas of production technology, high-end excipients, and pharmaceutical equipment.

  In addition, the National Medical Insurance Bureau will work with relevant departments to conduct regular and institutionalized procurement of drugs and high-value medical consumables.

The centralized procurement of medicines will focus on three major sectors: chemical medicines, proprietary Chinese medicines, and biological medicines, and high-value medical consumables will focus on orthopedic consumables, drug balloons, and dental implants.

  At the same time, the National Medical Insurance Bureau will guide local governments to carry out inspections and filling gaps around large varieties and common diseases according to clinical needs, and strive to achieve more than 100 provincial-level centralized procurement varieties in each province, and high-value medical consumables can cover 5. species.

(Reporters Li Heng, Peng Yunjia, Zhang Xinxin)