According to the risk warning issued by the Hainan Provincial Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau on February 11 on the unapproved trading venues outside the province to carry out business activities in Hainan, Hainan Province has not yet approved any gold exchanges or trading venues outside the province to set up branches in Hainan. , or through the development of member institutions, agents, authorized service institutions, etc. to engage in related business in Hainan Province.

Any gold exchange, foreign trading venues and their branches or members, agents, authorized service agencies, etc. to conduct business activities in Hainan without approval are illegal business activities.

  Hainan Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau stated that according to the "Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Cleaning and Rectifying Various Trading Places" (Guo Ban Fa [2012] No. 37) and the fourth inter-ministerial joint meeting on cleaning and rectifying various trading venues, According to the relevant requirements of the fifth meeting, the Gold Exchange shall not conduct business across regions, and shall not sell products to individuals or in disguised form.

Enterprises in Hainan Province should choose a legal and compliant way for financing.

Do not register and trade non-standard debt instruments through the financial exchange platform outside the province, do not recommend sales of private debt products to individual investors through the financial exchange, or conduct illegal and criminal activities such as illegal fundraising with the help of the gold exchange.

  At the same time, commercial banks, securities companies, futures companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions in Hainan Province should firmly establish the concept of compliance management, and are strictly prohibited from providing underwriting, account opening, custody, asset transfer, agency trading, and investment consulting for trading venues outside the province. , insurance and other services.

  The Hainan Provincial Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau reminded that the majority of investors should establish a correct investment philosophy, improve their awareness of risk prevention and risk identification, and resolutely resist all kinds of illegal activities.

The Hainan Provincial Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau will strictly implement the relevant policy requirements of the state to clean up and rectify various trading venues, strengthen the coordination and linkage mechanism, and work with relevant departments to investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations.

  (Reporter Zhong Huaxia He Yingping of the Headquarters)