China-Singapore Jingwei, February 12. On Friday, Eastern Time, the three major U.S. stock indexes opened higher and moved lower.

As of the close, the Dow fell 1.43% to 34,738.06 points; the Nasdaq fell 2.78% to 13,791.15 points; the S&P 500 fell 1.90% to 4,418.64 points.

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  Large U.S. technology stocks fell across the board. Apple fell 2.02%, Amazon fell 3.59%, Netflix fell 3.68%, Google fell 3.13%, Meta (formerly Facebook) fell 3.74%, and Microsoft fell 2.43%.

  US stocks and banking stocks fell across the board, with JPMorgan down 1.34%, Goldman Sachs down 2.05%, Citigroup down 0.1%, Morgan Stanley down 2.81%, Bank of America down 2.3%, and Wells Fargo down 1.26%.

  U.S. energy stocks rose against the trend. Exxon Mobil rose 2.53%, Chevron rose 2.1%, ConocoPhillips rose 2.31%, Schlumberger rose 3.68%, and Occidental Petroleum rose 5.63%.

  Most of the popular Chinese concept stocks fell, Shengyingxin Management Consulting fell 23.36%, Ebang Communication fell 15.92%, Dingdong Maicai fell 13.24%, Puhui Wealth fell 11.54%, and fell 9.47%; in terms of increases, worry-free English rose 24.81%, Shuhai Information rose 9.59%, Luokung Technology rose 8.99%, Silverway Metal Mining rose 7.10%, and still rose 5.93%.

  Zhonggai new energy auto stocks fell across the board, with NIO down 4.89%, Xiaopeng Motors down 4.2%, and Ideal Auto down 4.19%.

  The three major European stock indexes fell across the board.

The 100-stock average price index of the "Financial Times" of the British London stock market closed at 7661.02 points, down 11.38 points or 0.15% from the previous trading day; the French Paris stock market CAC40 index closed at 7011.60 points, down from the previous trading day 89.95 points, a decrease of 1.27%; the DAX index of the Frankfurt stock market in Germany closed at 15425.12 points, down 65.32 points, or 0.42%, from the previous trading day.

  The most active April gold futures price in the New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures market rose $4.7 from the previous trading day on the 11th to close at $1,842.1 an ounce, an increase of 0.26%.

  New York oil prices rose significantly on the 11th, with New York light crude futures for March delivery up $3.22 to close at $93.10 a barrel.

  The dollar index rose significantly on the 11th. As of late New York trading, the dollar index, which measures the greenback against six major currencies, rose 0.56% to 96.0860.

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