The special action to ensure the supply of electricity and coal promoted by the China Railway Group has lasted for more than 4 months.

According to the latest news released by the China National Railway Group, as of February 3, the 363 railway direct power supply plants in the country can store coal for more than 18 days, creating the best record in history.

  The Haoji Railway with a total length of 1813.5 kilometers is an important channel for coal transportation from north to south. It connects the "Golden Triangle" area of ​​Mongolia, Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia energy with central China such as Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi, and is also an important part of my country's comprehensive transportation system.

  On February 8, a reporter from Science and Technology Daily visited the Haoji Railway and found that the operation of this large channel has the "strongest brain".

The "brain" relies on a platform composed of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, 5G, etc., using information technologies such as data analysis, video monitoring, artificial intelligence, etc., to introduce CTC dispatching train operation control system, Beidou system detection, comprehensive video and intelligent analysis and other systems, greatly improving the safety and efficiency of the entire line.

Intelligent integrated dispatching system: forming the "big data" of Haoji Railway from dispatching station to station

  On September 30, 2019, the intelligent integrated dispatching system of Haoji Railway was put into use. The computer realizes the dynamic grasp of the train status and train marshalling content, and the operation efficiency and transportation quality are significantly improved.

"Dispatch command and station operation are integrated, sharing the same data source, and the station operation has achieved seamless connection." said Zhu Bin, an information engineer at the Xi'an Bureau Dispatching Office.

  On the screen of the comprehensive height hall of the Yan'an operation and maintenance section of the Xi'an Bureau, the moving-in and moving-out screens of the marshalling trains, including the number of incoming and outgoing trains of the special coal transportation line, coal loading, empty car distribution and other information are clearly presented.

"The Haoji intelligent integrated dispatching system is like a 'clairvoyant'. In addition to various distribution information, it can also display hidden dangers of line safety, the overview of unattended stations and the on-site operation of equipment maintenance personnel, and make the appearance of each station and each train. ', see the difference at a glance." Zhu Bin said.

  At present, the 18 small stations under the management of China Railway Xi'an Bureau have realized the function of automatic train receiving and dispatching, and the trains receiving and dispatching in the CTC station can be automatically obtained and dispatched in real time without operating personnel, which has entered the unattended era.

Detection system: upgrade from artificial to intelligent

  After the Haoji Railway's 10,000-ton heavy-duty trains were launched, the maximum single-trip delivery volume was increased from 6,000 tons to 12,000 tons.

Jingbian East Railway Station is the largest container transportation marshalling station under the management of Xi'an Railway Bureau, and an important transfer station for the Haoji Railway, the major coal transportation channel of "North Coal Transportation to the South".

  In order to ensure the supply and transportation of electricity and coal in the "two lakes and one river" (Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi) regions this winter and next spring, the Yan'an operation and maintenance section has increased equipment technical transformation, and installed a video monitoring system for cargo loading status and an over-eccentric load system at Jingbian East Station. , to upgrade the original pure manual detection to an intelligent system, so that the coal train going south can complete a comprehensive physical examination within a few minutes, and at the same time, it also reduces the personal safety risk caused by frequent boarding and boarding of cargo inspectors.

  With the help of artificial intelligence, the inspection of coal trains at Jingbian East Station has become safer and more efficient. The stop time of heavy-duty trains passing through the station has been reduced from 25.3 hours to 14.8 hours, and the efficiency has increased by 41.5%.

Beidou satellite system: make the time of 17 sets of railway systems unified and punctual

  As the Haoji Railway becomes more and more informatized and intelligent, how to ensure the safe, punctual and uniform operation of the 10,000-ton coal train?

The secret is to enable the Beidou satellite navigation system.

  The railway time synchronization system is known as the "Beijing time" of the railway.

Since the introduction of the Beidou satellite navigation system into the railway time synchronization system of the Haoji Line, it has provided accurate and reliable time source signals for 17 systems such as train dispatching, comprehensive video, tunnel rescue, and electric telecontrol, ensuring that the running time deviation of different railway systems is not greater than 200 m/s, to ensure unified and efficient train dispatching and command, and to ensure the safety and orderly organization of railway transportation in the North-South Coal Transport Channel.

  "Relying on the Beidou satellite navigation system, the time synchronization system of Haoji Railway provides accurate time source signals for various railway systems, 24 hours a day. While reducing the operating time errors and bit errors of communication equipment, it greatly improves the railway communication network. It provides high-quality and reliable communication network guarantee for the safe and punctual operation of 10,000-ton coal trains." said Wang Yongfeng, director of the Communication Network Management Center of the Communication Section of the Railway Xi'an Bureau.

  Our reporter Jiao Yang