Original title: The business of surrogate paintings and handwritten newspapers is booming, and there are nearly 100 parents queuing up?

Art judge: Whether you bought it or not, you can see it at a glance

  The balance of winter vacation is not enough. Have you finished your homework?

  It's not just a question for kids, it's a question for parents as well.

  A few days ago, Ms. Fang from Hangzhou couldn't help but complained to her friends: "I'm worried, there are not many homework assigned by the teacher, but the quality requirements are very high, two tabloids, a mind map, a video and a painting."

  Seeing the child scratching his head over there, Ms. Fang couldn't help but want to help.

  "Unfortunately, my own painting is also very poor. My level is like that of a kindergarten, and my son still dislikes me." But someone in the parent group "gives me some advice": "Some parents have already made an appointment for painting on the Internet, but they have to queue up, and the boss is somewhat too busy."

  Parents do not communicate with each other about "which company" they placed in, for fear of "collision".

Ms. Fang said that she heard some parents say, "There are some good-selling substitute paintings that have queued up to more than 100."

  Is this true?

1) Customer service of the painting shop: "It will take 5 days, because there are many people queuing up in front"

  On Taobao, Xiaohongshu, Douyin and other platforms, if you search for the words "Painting Handwritten Newspaper", many stores will pop up.

  The price is not high and the business scope is quite wide.

A reporter from the Qianjiang Evening News contacted a shop called "Academy of Fine Arts" to take orders for paintings.

  The introduction of the customer service is also very stylized: please describe the paper requirements, subject, gender, age, etc. in detail as much as possible.

Communicate clearly before painting.

Screen layout, composition, color, etc., if required, must be explained in advance. If there is no prior explanation, it will be handled by our artist.

(Customized delivery is in the form of pictures. If you need the real object, it will be sent by the address of the artist who received the order, and the postage will be at your own expense)

  The price is also a buy-in price: handwritten newspaper (not including text, please specify if you need to write on your behalf) a4 (16)/70 yuan, 8k/90 yuan, a3/110 yuan, 4k/130 yuan; children's drawings (if required) Please explain in advance for the creation instructions, paid for writing) a4 (16 openings)/80 yuan, 8k/100 yuan, a3/130 yuan, 4k/150 yuan.

  Generally, after placing an order, the store will arrange for the artist to create it. The first draft will notify the customer to confirm, please check the reply in time. If you are not satisfied, you can modify it. No refund will be given after the first draft is confirmed.

  The hourly news reporter asked for a tabloid in A3 size, and the customer service quoted 110 yuan (excluding postage), even if the shipping address was in Hangzhou, it would take about 5 days, because the customer service said: "There are a lot of people in line."

  The other "Kimura Famous" is a shop that does various designs, including logo design, H5 production, etc. Hand copy newspapers and paintings are just one of them.

  The customer service is very positive, and the introduction process: "I will bring you and the designer into the discussion group, you will participate in the design throughout the process, and communicate with the designer one-on-one to ensure the effect you want." In addition, a lot of templates were sent. , 2 days or so delivery, 130 yuan free shipping.

  The hourly news reporter also found a blogger with more than 600,000 fans on Douyin, and added WeChat through a message.

  "You need to see how to set the price for the subject of the requested content", "A3 leaflet with a normal theme is 140 yuan, no free shipping", "It usually takes two days to draw and send it out".

The other party said that they have a total of 3 staff members, and "if there is no inspiration, they can't draw half a picture a day."

2] The judges can see at a glance whether they have hired someone to paint on their behalf.

  In fact, such a painting business is already an open secret among many parents.

  Ms. Fang said that although she had not bought it, she had also thought about it.

"Because some of the requirements are really difficult, and the works are going to be awarded, it is very important for children. Therefore, parents who are art majors have an advantage. Ordinary parents can only find another way. After all, there are various 'rolls' Ah."

  With so many generations of paintings, what's the point of teachers assigning such homework?

  Ms. Wang is an art teacher in a junior high school in Hangzhou. She said that during the holidays, she will assign students to choose painting homework, and other subjects will sometimes assign homework to copy newspapers.

"Manuscript copy newspapers, we aim to cultivate students' ability to plan the overall picture, as well as the ability to describe artistic characters and pictures." She said that junior high school students still basically have the ability to draw a tabloid. "For students who are not particularly fond of drawing It's just a bad job."

  Another primary school art teacher, Mr. Zhuang, said that for several semesters, students have not been assigned handwritten newspaper assignments, especially after the double reduction, school painting assignments will not be taken home by students to complete, and holiday painting assignments. The competition also requires students to participate voluntarily and can contact the teacher at any time for guidance.

"Nowadays, there are more mind maps. This is more training for senior students. It requires a wealth of knowledge accumulation to be integrated into the design."

  Teacher Zhuang is often a judge in art competitions, and she advises parents not to use substitute paintings as homework.

"The judges have many years of experience, and they can tell at a glance that they are not children's works from the mature style of painting, and can even identify which training class they came from. These works are not eligible for awards and are of no help to children." She Said that she prefers childlike originality.

  "It's not easy for children, and it's not easy for parents. So our parents must not try to go in the wrong direction. This kind of substitute painting will make children develop the habit of getting something for nothing. It's not good." Teacher Zhuang said at the end.

  Qianjiang Evening News Hourly News reporter Yang Qian