Customs escorts China-Europe trains to help "Made in China" go global

In 2021, China-Europe trains will open 15,000 trains, an increase of 22%

  □ Our reporter Cai Yanhong

  On February 6, the last "Yi-Xin-Europe" China-Europe train X8410 set off from the Yiwu railway port on the 10th during the Spring Festival holiday.

The train carried 100 TEUs of hardware appliances, textiles and clothing, and daily necessities to Moscow, the capital of Russia.

During the Spring Festival holiday, a total of 72 "Yi-Xin-Europe" China-Europe trains were launched, and Hangzhou Customs supervised 5,886 import and export TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 74.6%.

  Implement 7×24-hour scheduled customs clearance, open up a “green channel” for the shipment of China-Europe freight trains, and explore innovative supervision models. Like Hangzhou Customs, customs in many places strengthen supervision and optimization services to escort China-Europe freight trains, ensure the stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain, and help "Made in China" goes to the world.

According to data provided by the General Administration of Customs recently, in 2021, the national customs will support the operation of 15,000 China-Europe trains throughout the year, an increase of 22%.

  Multi-party establishment of liaison mechanism

  "The efficient operation of the train is inseparable from a high-quality and convenient customs clearance environment." said Ye Qiuran, the on-site person in charge of the "Yixinou" train operation company.

  The reporter learned that during the Spring Festival, the "Yi-Xin-Europe" China-Europe train was loaded with daily necessities, clothing, footwear, auto parts, household appliances and other export commodities to Budapest, Durz, Minsk, Madrid, Moscow and other places. We will ship imported products such as bearings from Spain, milk powder from Germany, and plates from Russia back to China, effectively guaranteeing the trade demands of domestic enterprises and countries along the “Belt and Road” in Eurasia during the Spring Festival, and ensuring the stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain.

  In order to ensure the smooth delivery of the "Yi-Xin-Europe" China-Europe train during the Spring Festival, Jinhua and Yiwu Customs affiliated to Hangzhou Customs established a liaison mechanism with the train operators, railways, and dry port groups to determine the train delivery plan in advance and tailor-made Staffing plan; implement 7 x 24-hour scheduled customs clearance, open up a "green channel" for the delivery of China-Europe freight trains, and improve the on-site delivery capacity of railway ports.

  As a "steel camel team" for land transportation, the "Yi-Xin-Europe" China-Europe train has continued to expand its "circle of friends" in the past year.

In 2021, the China-Europe train "Yi-Xin-Ou" will add the "China-Jiang-Ukraine" road-rail combined train, "Yiwu-Kaliningrad-Rostock" train, "Yiwu-Vientiane China-Laos Railway International Freight Train", "Jinhua Railway". —Moscow” and other lines, 19 operating lines have been opened, covering more than 120 cities in Europe and Asia.

  With the continuous improvement of the coverage, influence and transportation efficiency of the China-Europe freight train, and the continuous optimization of services by the customs, the regular and stable operation of the China-Europe freight train is attracting more and more enterprises.

According to statistics, in 2021, the China-Europe freight train "Yi-Xin-Ou" will run a total of 1,904 trains, with 157,000 TEUs of imported and exported containers under customs supervision, an increase of 36.1% and 35.95% year-on-year respectively.

  "Our company specializes in customs declaration for China-Europe freight trains. Last year, more than 100,000 TEUs were shipped, an increase of 25% over the 80,000 TEUs in 2020." Yu Xuefei, a customs broker at Zhejiang New Silk Road Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd., said with emotion , since last year, the shipping capacity has continued to be tight, the freight has soared, and faced with the shortage of containers and warehouse explosions, the China-Europe freight train logistics is less affected by natural factors, safer and more reliable, and the price is relatively stable.

  Guarantee the smooth export of "Made in China"

  During the Spring Festival this year, due to the large volume of freight, the China-Europe trains in Suzhou not only did not stop work, but also increased from one train per day to nearly two trains per day.

  "In order to cope with this situation, we have adopted the methods of holiday duty and overtime appointments to ensure the stable operation of the Suzhou China-Europe freight train." Tan Yunlan, the second supervision department of the Suzhou Customs in Huqiu Office, which is affiliated to Nanjing Customs, said that the China-Europe freight trains are all scheduled in advance. For cargo owners and train companies, the successful declaration and smooth customs clearance of each batch of goods are of great importance for the reservation of storage space. The rescheduled and delayed delivery of goods may also increase the cost.

  Recently, Tan Yunlan's department went through customs clearance procedures for a "special guest".

It is an electric fully automatic driverless logistics vehicle independently developed and produced by an enterprise in the Suzhou Free Trade Zone. It will be temporarily imported and exported to Germany with a special "passport for customs clearance" ATA carnet, and will arrive in Germany for the exhibition in 18 days.

  The ATA Carnet is an international customs clearance document. It is specially created by the World Customs Organization for temporary entry and exit of goods. It can simplify customs clearance procedures, exempt customs declaration procedures, import tax guarantee procedures, and exempt import and export licenses. A certificate, a carnet, can go to multiple countries, providing maximum customs clearance convenience for the flow of temporary inbound and outbound goods around the world, and helping enterprises to achieve fast, economical and efficient temporary import and export of goods.

  "This electric fully automatic driverless logistics vehicle is a future-oriented high-tech product independently developed by our domestic company, and needs to go abroad to complete relevant tests and participate in exhibitions. Currently affected by the epidemic, air and sea freight capacity and freight rates fluctuate greatly. The operation of the China-Europe train in Suzhou is stable, and it can reach Germany in less than 20 days, making it the first choice for this batch of goods to be exported to Europe." Wang Guangqin, general manager of Shanghai Dongze Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., further introduced that since this batch of goods has to be returned to China, The customs has handled the ATA carnet for this batch of goods, which can reduce customs clearance procedures by more than 90%.

  Help revitalize the old industrial base in Northeast China

  Recently, under the supervision of Dayaowan Customs, a subsidiary of Dalian Customs, the "Samsung Train" loaded with 100 TEUs of export goods slowly departed from China Railway Union Central Station in Dalian, heading for the European market.

This is the first China-Europe train from Dalian Port in 2022.

  It is understood that the goods loaded by the "Samsung train" mainly include export items such as LCD panels, washing machine parts, and electronic product parts, with a value of about 4.6 million US dollars.

The train leaves the country through the Manzhouli port and is expected to arrive at Moscow Volsino Station in 14 days.

  In order to ensure the efficient and orderly operation of the China Railway Express, Dayao Bay Customs actively explores innovative supervision modes, based on standardized management of supervision sites, further streamlines customs clearance procedures, relies on video surveillance platforms, improves supervision accuracy, and provides "one-stop" services for enterprises , effectively solve the difficulties of enterprises in customs declaration, transportation and in-transit supervision; at the same time, strengthen the information sharing of customs and MTR, carry out on-site office, facilitate enterprise declaration, and realize "instant customs clearance, instant release, instant loading, and instant delivery of China-Europe freight trains" ”; also created a new mode of “Hong Kong-Railway Unicom”, realizing the efficient combination of various transport modes of ro-ro ships, containers and railway special cargo in Dalian Port, opening up a new situation for the development of Dalian Port’s land-sea combined transport channel.

  The efficient and stable operation of the Dalian China Railway Express has further expanded the new channel of international multimodal transport, and has produced a positive engine effect on the development of Liaoning's export-oriented economy and the comprehensive revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China.

The reporter learned from Dalian Customs that in 2021, Dayao Bay Customs will supervise a total of 87 China-Europe freight trains, with 4,510 TEUs of goods and a value of 2.618 billion yuan, setting a new high in business volume after Dalian was selected as a national logistics hub city.

  "Haisi" starts the first China-Europe train

  On January 18, the first China-Europe freight train loaded with 50 containers and 446 tons of goods left the Quanzhou East Station of the Zhangquan-Xiaozhou Railway, marking the successful opening of the China-Europe freight train in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, the starting point of the "Maritime Silk Road" (Quanzhou). -Moscow).

On the same day, Quanzhou Customs, a subsidiary of Xiamen Customs, handled the express release procedures for the train.

  It is understood that the train departs from Quanzhou, the starting point of the "Maritime Silk Road", exits through the Manzhouli Port in Inner Mongolia, and the destination is Moscow, Russia.

The value of the first shipment was 10.373 million yuan, mainly sanitary products, bags, shoes, clothing and handicrafts produced locally in Quanzhou.

  "The train saves more than 60% of the time compared to shipping, and can effectively alleviate the pressure of rising shipping costs." said Hong Shuangyan, assistant general manager of the supply chain of Quanzhou Sinotrans, the operating company of the train.

  According to Fang Ligang, deputy director of the Jinjiang Office of Quanzhou Customs affiliated to Xiamen Customs, Quanzhou is a major city for the production and export of light industrial products, among which the annual export value of light industrial products such as textiles, clothing and footwear exceeds 100 billion yuan.

The petrochemical products, pulp and other raw materials imported from the countries (regions) along the "Sea Silk" are processed in Quanzhou into light industrial products such as shoes, clothing, sanitary napkins, etc., and then sold to Russia and other "Lusi" through the China-Europe Railway (Quanzhou-Moscow). "The country expands Quanzhou's opening to Central Asia and Europe, and realizes the seamless connection between "Sea Silk" and "Lusi", helping "Made in Quanzhou" to go global.